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Farmers against coal seam gas for all of us!!

Farmers against coal seam gas for all of us!!

When farmers turn into revolutionaries, Queenslanders of all creed and colour need to pay attention. This is an extraordinary story that needs to be told to all people. please pass this forward and help make the right decisions for you. We all want to eat and drink safely in 5 years time!

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Comment by gabrielle austerberry on March 19, 2012 at 16:49

Do you want to eat farm food and drink water in 5 years’ time?

Then this horrific story, happening 1 hour away from you, concerns you:

TALK about it, read up,,

SHARE it, send this on. This is not about left or right, but about right or wrong.      Send it to all that care about food security. Get it discussed everywhere!

Made by Martin Bannard


ACTION it, any which way that suits you I have called all politicians in my area, and it is amazing what they do and don’t know. Very informative!,

Oh and there is an alternative to that idea that mines bring jobs. They don’t actually, but this does:, Beyond Zero Emissions is an independent, not-for-profit organisation of scientists and experts who worked out how Australia can do renewable energy and create heaps of steady jobs and cheap energy by 2020!  PASS THIS FORWARD


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