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Recently I used cage mesh and HDPE (black plastic) liners to fabricate a wicking bed. This method is also suitable for raised garden beds or for tanks used in aquaponics. This would make a 800L tank.

The mesh is sold in 8m length at Bunnings, so I used 4m to produce a 1.3m round bed. The liner is sold as root barrier 600mm wide and 1mm thick.

The mesh is joined,

The liner inserted. Ready to use as raised garden bed at may be 1/4 the cost of corrugated iron type beds.

If used as wicking bed it requires an additional layer of 0.2mm thick HDPE builder film plus a few PVC pipes.

The builder film will be trimmed of at a later stage. As the soil slumps it often pulls down the liner with it and I prefer to trim later for this reason.

I did set up this wicking bed at the PCYC community garden Kempster street, in Sandgate.

You are welcome to have a look at it there.

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What a good idea and the trimmed version would look good too.  Thanks for sharing

Love the idea. Cheap is good!

Neat, efficient and relatively easily made George. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks George, and it would be easy to put some cut down bamboo or brush 'fencing' around the outside.

Don't trim the plastic! Except for tidiness … The plastic shrinks or so I am told. Whatever the explanation, there's less plastic above the soil line than there was when I installed the beds. The plastic needs to be pegged to the rim of the bed to stop it being folded under the weight of the mix (or whatever other explanation there is). Upshot is, when the plastic is trimmed neatly, after a year or so it is almost under the top of the soil level.

Very nice George, I love the root barrier use as a liner. HDPE is a friendlier plastic, the same plastic that IBCs are made of. If not painted or covered, the IBC plastic will degrade in sunlight over a long period, but this root barrier plastic may be more robust with regards to UV and sooo much cheaper.

I have also made cheep wicking beds total cost for each bed was under $20. I used old bath tubs from the dump.  The  expensive bits were the pipes.  I have photoes in the photo section.


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