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It may not be a tiny home but the balcony is tiny and just a tad inaccessible.

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Now, there must be a story behind that. Could be just sheer stupidity but could have meant to add a door, could have been done out of spite. Perhaps should have gone under the window with a fire escape attached. 

The mind boggles at the idiocy of the builder. A story - there's always a story, finding it might be tricky. The pic was on Twitter, there's two tweeters calling themselves 'You Had One Job' and the pix are hilarious. Their websites really do lift the gloom. Whether you can see the sites without being logged into Twitter, I don't know. See how you go.


shop lifters will be prostituted

hand grenade (shared that one with my workmates for WPHS reasons)

and be aware of those buglers!!

speaking of wrong number messages - I've just this evening had the doozy of them all

ripe Ass Avocados - I wonder if Daleys sell these?

Smart Ass Avocados are more my style ;-)



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