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If you’re looking for a tiny home that doesn’t skimp on luxurious features, feast your eyes on the elegant Greenmoxie Tiny House on wheels. This comfortable, eco-friendly home is a 340-square-foot sustainably built dwelling that offers 100% off-the-grid living and even an electric drawbridge-style deck for enjoying the outdoors. Upcycled materials, renewable energy systems, and its small footprint help reduce the Greenmoxie Tiny House’s environmental impact, while allowing homeowners to live large in a small space.

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About this site

Welcome to Brisbane Local Food (BLF)!

This site was created by Scarlett Patrick, to build capacity in the Brisbane  community for growing, buying, and living sustainably. Six years on, BLF is an important hub to promote, discuss, share and learn about local food growing, production, gardens, services and activities happening in our part of the world.

This site exists for you - make the most if it!

BLF is motivated by passion, not profit. We thank all volunteers and members who make this an active and inspiring space to be, as well as those individuals, organisations and groups working to make the future greener.


What is local?
The closer the better - but regional and global activities are important too.

Why local?
To reduce food miles, increase food freshness & security, improve social outcomes and reduce the unused outputs of our living environments - like stormwater and green waste.

Brisbane is a sub-tropical city in Queensland, Australia.

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