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So cool! Finally I get 'wooden bricks' ... where do we find people who can work so fast? ;-) Must be the music.

After watching the house next door being demolished, and seeing the lengths of timbers used in that house when it was built, I realised how many trees it would have taken to build.  Those timbers were recycled, but the house further up, was just demolished with a machine and taken to the tip. Only the concrete was placed separate for recycling.  With the timber bricks, it must be possible to reuse old timber that is in good condition. 

That system of wooden bricks looks very exciting for small houses, my only concern is, if they are waterproof with all the joints. 

I'd bet they are waterproof - CNC machining is very accurate and they would fit together as near as dammit water-tight. My concern is about timber houses in general anywhere in the sub-and-tropics being white ant food. Our brick house has timber inside and is nearly as vulnerable as an all-timber house. And these tiny houses are so close to the ground. In temperate climes not a problem but anywhere hot and and it's termite territory.



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