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I have visions of container homes or something on wheels like Chloe and Brandon's home on wheels which looks like a cross gypsy wago and old style train carriage:

I have tried to google for more info on the maker of the expandable long haul truck/RV, to no avail, only seem to bring up websites promoting or just a highlight of the actual holiday package.  So if anyone can direct me to more info on the actual design or maker of the expanding parts, I would appreciate it.  Thank you.

Here's the video of it:

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No idea on this myself Becky. Keep asking questions and following leads is my best advice.

I have no leads that's why I am asking here as, to me, my original search for expanding hoise on wheels got me here.

The only lead is that this couple who own this business had an idea and had a mercedes truck modified by an RV maker.

Do you know the name of the couple? The name of their business?

Couple's names are 


Busines name is: Truck Surf Hotel

It was the original idea of Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro.  They converted a Mercedes Actros with a hydraulic system.  You might want to look into anyone here who could do the conversion.  I imagine it's not difficult, just expensive.  I found out this info from

Start with people who do campervan/motorhome conversions. There would be great similarity since campers are homes on wheels already.



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