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Naughty me - didn't start a new discussion. Will attempt to move it all here now:

Anyone want to come try this Paleo Cafe at Northlakes with me? Was thinking of going during the Easter break.

Shop 111 North Lakes Central 53 Endeavour Boulevard North Lake

Paleo Café, the FIRST, the ORIGINAL, unique health food café and retail store based on the paleo lifestyle.

Here at Paleo Cafe our vision is to assist our customers achieve optimal health by providing a convenient healthy eating and shopping experience based on a logical philosophy ; the Paleo Lifestyle.

The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest releasing poison - Dr Ann Wigmore. At Paleo Cafe we are proud to encourage and support all aspects of the Paleo Lifestyle. Remember, if it does not carry our unique Code of Arms, it is not a Paleo Café.

At the core the Paleo Lifestyle thrives on foods from nature. That means eating a good variety of lean meat, seafood, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries. Avoid eating dairy, grains, sugars and preservatives which our bodies were not designed to digest. Along with these food choices Paleo living also encourages you to make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, playtime and laughter.

You will gain many benefits from living Paleo. Some of which include weight loss, clear glowing skin, teeth, hair and nails, improved sleep, balanced energy and hormone levels, increased stamina for exercise, stabilised blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, reduced allergies, improved self confidence and general wellness.

Yes, Paleo is 100% gluten and dairy free. If this lifestyle appeals to you, then our team is here to encourage, support and guide you every step of the way.

Contact info

Phone (07) 3204 6804



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Comment by Elaine coolowl on Monday
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You've got yourself a couple of dining partners! It's bound to be exxy so this will be our Easter treat ;-) Pick a day, we're not going anywhere.

Comment by GayleD on Monday
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Sounds good but not sure which days I'll be free over easter yet. 

Are they open every day over the break?

Comment by Lissa on Tuesday
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I'm told the meals cost around $16 but have yet to get that far with my own research. Sounds cheap to me for what they do.

I'm away 22nd, 23rd and 24th and the other days are either public holidays or weekend days. I'll try to find out more info and come up with a date.

Comment by Elaine coolowl on Tuesday
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Since the prices aren't on the website, I fear the worst ;-) Elaine expressed an interest in the Breakfast menu - I don't mind either way - so that may be an option too.

Comment by Elaine coolowl yesterday
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9am? We'd be famished by then ;-) I recall 7am was the Breakfast time ...

Easter Sunday would be as busy as Mother's Day or similar. There's a fair chance they would not be open on Friday (the dullest day of the year), Saturday lunch is possible although we've a visitor on Saturday am - Easter Saturday is not a public holiday. Easter Monday is a public holiday and would probably add to the cost. If the idea is to break up a potentially-boring 4 days then the Saturday or Monday could be goers.

Comment by Lissa yesterday
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The idea for me at least is just to go eat at this cafe! Breakfast, lunch doesn't matter.

I'm a little worried that with so little organising time and these public holidays that we might turn up to a closed shop.

How about 8am on Sunday 20th? We can try it out for lunch another day. I'll try to phone from work today (yesterday was chaotic) and confirm they are open.

Comment by GayleD yesterday
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Sunday morning is ok for me. 

Comment by Elaine coolowl 22 hours ago
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Right, I have phoned them just now. They are open on Easter Sunday. They need a booking for 5 or more.

So far we have Lissa, we two and Gayle.

The battery in the cordless phone died before I could get far into the conversation so I don't know when their deadline is.

However given tomorrow's a public holiday, perhaps we could sort this by this afternoon - they close at 4pm.

Comment by Elaine coolowl 18 hours ago
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Right, got this sorted. They would like to know numbers before 4pm today (Thursday 17th). If there's only the 4 of us, then a booking shouldn't be necessary, but if I can tell them we are coming it would help them, no doubt.

Phoned them yesterday from work and they confirmed 8am open on Sunday 20th. Bookings needed for 5 or more so we 4 should be fine.

If anyone else wants to join us I'm sure they can fit us all in!

Excellent! Had the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon for $20 and a bottle of flower-flavoured Kombucha for $4.20 (delish) and it was all good. Best EB I've ever had.

The lunch menu is extremely tempting with prices around the $15 mark.

Service was friendly and helpful. We waited for someone to come take our order for longer than we needed to, before realising we had to go up to the counter to place orders. Doh!

Will definitely be going back and not just because everything in the shop is gluten free.


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