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Lemon Verbena, Mexican Marigold and Basil - Mosquito Spray

4 Cups Fresh Basil Sprigs

4 Cups Fresh Mexican Marigolds Tagetes minuta

4 Cups Lemon Verbena Leaves

Boil everything up in 4 Litres of Water. Simmer covered for 30 minutes. Cool and then Strain. Pour into a Spray Bottle. Avoid spraying near your Eyes and directly onto your skin, wash with clean water if affected. Apply Aloe Vera to skin after washing with water if affected.

Mexican Marigolds are also known as Wild Marigolds, Stinking Rogers and many more names, thus I have inserted a picture at the top.

If you don't have enough of these ingredients in the garden, you may know other members who grow some of these and you could share the liquid as there will be more than enough for one person.

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Thanks for sharing this recipe Dianne. Great to have on the shelf or in the fridge for night time, when the garden is less accessible. I've been getting those unwanted middle of night mosquito visits, resulting in slapping my own ears, face, neck and arms in vain attempts of swat the invisible taunter.


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