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Comment from Cheryl, pasted from the event listing:

"Comment by CHERYL SLAPP 4 hours ago 

Lovely relaxing lunch, good food, good company and great to wander around their kitchen garden.  Thanks Darren for suggesting this place and many thanks to Lissa and Elaine for arranging it."

And to Darren for the original idea!

Wonderful weather and a different way to celebrate St Valentine's Day which is as much a day for friends as for partners.

A top spot enhanced by the best weather, fine and not too warm.

A beautiful place with some interesting sculptures and decorations. Here are two which caught my eye. First a Whale then a Buddha:

and a closeup of whatever the whale and hand are made from:

And the Buddha in serene surrounds:

And the show-gardens … the first one is seen from the restaurant:

and seen closer - a few different types of edibles and some herbs. Just for show:

Our table waiting for us:

And being used:

The Brookfield Garden Centre:

For us, an upmarket one-off St Valentine's Day experience.

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How fantastic!!!!!  

Although, I'm not quite sure why Darren and Cheryl were "fork fighting."  However, they both look like "forky black belts."  

My wallet is glad that I couldn't go - my Rozie would have gone nuts over those orchids. 

Come on now Andrew your just jealous because I had all the ladies to myself LOL. Really is a nice place  mate give us a ring if you and your wife would  like to  have a coffee there one day mY Wife and I really love this place also. 

Cheers mate.

Hm! As you know Andy I am but a mere snapper with a point-n-shoot not always able to capture what I want. Your wallet will be glad you didn't eat there, either. There were some beautiful ornamentals; a fancy up-market Nursery not necessarily for the food enthusiast.

LOL. Gayle does look a bit perplexed by her salad.  

I think you under-estimate yourself Elaine.  As a photography teacher, I would ask, "Did you manage to capture the feel of the event?"  I think you did - in lots of ways.   You should feel free to keep on "snappin'". 

Terrific photos Elaine - as Andy says, you certainly captured the event.

Lovely place and well worth visiting. Beautfully kept gardens and nursery. Lovely food - not cheap, not a huge serving, but very delish all the same.

I spent most of the time making sure Clayton (4yr old grandson) didn't accidentally destroy anything worth $1000+ (that's him in the 6th photo playing with the $1200 fountain!).

Thank you to those who came and enjoyed a relaxing social outing :)

I work up the road from this place now. Drive past it a few times a week. We might work ourselves up to another visit during the year....

Lovely part of the world. But without us. A tad exxy for what was on offer.

No worries Elaine :)

A new venue would be better. I need to take you all out to the Rare Pear at Samford. Lovely spot.

A top spot! We went there after the GV at Susan's. A tad small perhaps? But top food and not too pricey. Would love to go again!

I don't remember that outing. Did I miss that one?

Susan's is on the southside whereas Rare Pear is at Samford. Long way apart. And it's quite spacious.

Ah - Susan Cook from Delaney's Creek, 6th September 2014. No you didn't go to that one. You'd told us about the Rare Pear so we repaired there. There must be more of it than we saw. It is well worth a repeat visit.


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