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After a chat with Lissa, I thought I would do a test post, highlighting a garden visit from overseas.  This particular garden was in the grounds of a mansion called Musee Carnavalet. The location is right in the middle of Paris city - so there is really very little land available. Musee Carnavalet is being restored and used as an art museum, with its entry still free.  It was very impressive in a lot of ways, but I'll try to stick to the limited gardens - which is why we are all here. 

The buildings were of course extremely impressive and the gardens quite formal (as was/is the habit amongst those with money).  You can see standardised roses and tiny manicured hedges planted to form ornate patterns in the centre of the shot. 

What I really enjoyed about this opulent display of wealth from times past was the fact that the garden never lost touch with its practical roots. 

Tomatoes, kale and silverbeet were included!  Many of us have those planted in our own mansions here in Oz!   Hmmm... Musee McDowall does have a certain ring about it!

Continuing the theme, we see cabbage and tomatoes in another of the beds - and of course, let's not avoid the flowers to bring the bees.  Or was it - let's include some veges amongst our flowers?  Remember, the mainstay of the gardens are the tiny patterned hedges.  

So, what would we choose as the highlight plant - the perfect combination of vege and flower?  Too easy - artichoke!

So folks - feel free to let me know what you think.  Is there a place for garden visits outside our group?  Should it be a forum entry rather than in the garden group?  Does it wet your appitite for a group of us (big or small) to maybe travel futher afield?  

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Brill, Andy! Not heard of the place nor been to Paris nor likely to go. Good to see the view of an Australian gardener rather than a travel-brochure producer.

Keen to see anything and everything to do with food gardens whether here in Oz or overseas. Like the cheesemakers and other groups I have joined, I may not do (or go) but I like to read about it!

Just gorgeous. The architecture and the over-manicured but beautiful garden. It's been 40yrs since I've been overseas and then I didn't get to France, so this is a real treat. The veg stuck amongst the formal is quite strange. Like the garden is trying to transition.

I would love to travel more to see interesting gardens. My budget doesn't extend to overseas but something a bit more local could be a goer.

Lovely Andy, I love seeing how they do gardening elsewhere especially vegies and flowers together. Thanks for the little trip to a foreign backyard.

I agree, it's good to see gardens from other places from Brisbane's view point, and particularly BLF's members view point (edibles!).  Also where aesthetics and functionalities are well integrated ~ I have posted a photo album from my visit to Victoria a few years back too (Diggers club & Sovereign Hill (gold rush period)).

Thanks Florence.  I had a look (and even left a comment).

Thanks Andrew ~

Thank you ladies.  I'm glad it was well received. 

Thanks, these pictures are wonderful. So unexpected, the ornamental garden teamed with the food crop.

Good pics and interesting story once again mate .I did try to grow those globe artichokes but you guessed it they died.Will have to stick with my jeruselum artichokes ,cant wait till they flower and put them on the web.I would be interested in going further afield for garden visits depending ofcourse how far.Do you think people would be interested in coming over to the southside for a visit to the wild canary its a great restaurant on the grounds of a great plant centre .Once walking out the nursery you walk through a food garden then the restaurant maybe an end of the year xmas thing .Only a suggestion

It's a good suggestion Darren.

We have a Purely Social group just itching for people to make such suggestions. Pick a date and post it (start a new thread in "add a discussion") and see who are takers.

We already have an end of year break up for the Gardening Group (see the calendar in the group) but I'm sure there would be some who would be interested in coming to the Wild Canary including myself if the date fits. I've been trying to encourage more activities on the southside so this would be great. looks interesting ~

Sure does. I would love to go.


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