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We all know that Andy is sometimes a tad late for a garden visit.  However, this time I arrived at Susan's dead on time - 10.00am on the dot.  

My initial impression was that the lilies were putting on quite a lovely show as per this picture:

I can't normally see from this side of the road because of all the parked cars.... Hang on... where the hell are all the cars?!  Rozie says, "We're right on time.  Just go in."  

I think... "Nah. Someone would be here."  Quickly check the BLF site on the phone.  Awww man - wrong bloody day!!!!!!  

"Rozie - get back into the car quietly."  

The Delica speeds away into the morning.   The motto of the story?  Do NOT ever be on time!

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Most of the Brisbane Local Fooders are nice folks Angela - but don't tell them I said that!  LOL. 



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