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We all know that Andy is sometimes a tad late for a garden visit.  However, this time I arrived at Susan's dead on time - 10.00am on the dot.  

My initial impression was that the lilies were putting on quite a lovely show as per this picture:

I can't normally see from this side of the road because of all the parked cars.... Hang on... where the hell are all the cars?!  Rozie says, "We're right on time.  Just go in."  

I think... "Nah. Someone would be here."  Quickly check the BLF site on the phone.  Awww man - wrong bloody day!!!!!!  

"Rozie - get back into the car quietly."  

The Delica speeds away into the morning.   The motto of the story?  Do NOT ever be on time!

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Some Mothers do Have Um!!!!!!!!!

Too funny, Andy! Just think of it as a dry-run for tomorrow!

(When I saw the title of your post, I thought I'd got it wrong)

Good to see your sense of humour is still intact ;-) Reminds me of a member of the Frog club who arrived a day late. We'd wondered what happened to Jeff ... he wondered (on the Sunday) where everyone was. You made our night, Andy!

LOL ,been there done that mate I  think it was at Gayles place .All was not lost spent a few hours with Deb at Chandler

OMG = I am so lucky I kept reading - looked at the title thought I had missed the GV and nearly rolled over to have a sleep in and miss the visit !!!! was so disapointed - sorry Susan I did promose to bring something for you - any ideas what it may have been ?

I know of at least four people who have done the same thing. I sometimes get phone calls asking where everyone is.

The big questions is....will you turn up at 10am on the dot today??!


Thank you Andy, I really needed some cheering up, you put a smile on my face and gave me a chuckle.  Sorry not making it today but sometimes things don't go to plan, weather looks great and I know Susan's garden is always something to see, have fun everyone.

Been there lol

You know what Andy, you weren't the only one that showed up yesterday :) Angela also showed up but she came in and got an individual tour of the garden :)

We did debate it but I was too embarrassed. 

What a great tour it was too! Thank you so much for the personal tour of your garden. I know you were very busy preparing for the GV so I really appreciate you kindly taking the time to show me around. I am new to the group and you are the first member I have met - so great to meet someone so like minded! You have many fruit trees that I am planning on putting in, so it was especially good to talk to you to find out what your experience is. I had planned to return for the GV today but I have come down with some horrid throat bug :( all the best with your future plans. Let me know when you get fruit from your grumichama and if you think it tastes any good. You have done an amazing job Susan. Hope to see you again soon.


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