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Oh what a wonderful day for a GV at Andy's, the sun was shining and the rain stayed away for us to enjoy a very different GV. We welcomed old friends and greeted new members, even a couple of Andy's curious neighbours who were out on a walk took the time to drop in.

Andy and Rozie's garden has certainly benefited from the generous deluge of recent rains, the tanks are full and the gardens are lush and healthy. The Poultry were looking beautiful, I have never seen such fat Quails and I love the Chooks with all their names, Oh I wish I could have chooks.

The Nibbles Table was as usual covered with many a treat and we had the chance to try many a Homemade goodies from our members kitchen's.

As usual the Swap Table was full to the brim with Vegetables, Fruit and all manner of Cuttings and Plants. The Swap Table has proven to be a very important part of our GV's with many a New Members garden have it's beginnings with these. For Old Members it is a source of new materials they may have never grown before. We also get the chance to taste the Produce of the Harvest, isn't it fun to be able to share.

Now to the important part of Andy's GV - The Booze. Andy began with a demonstration of how to make Beer, a simpler process than we had thought or was he making it look easy. This was followed by a talk on making your own Spirits, a bit more difficult but achievable by most of us. Then came the tasting of the spoils, well what can I say - the Coffee Liqueur was to die for, so smooth, and dangerous. There were many others on offer to taste and we left feeling very warm in our tummies. 

Thank you so much to Andy and Rozie for opening their home up to us once again and to all our Old and New Members for making the day so enjoyable. Susan has offered to take the spot we still have open in November, so we hope to see a good roll up at Manly West.   

I am sorry I was unable to take any photos as Graham had to work, so please those who did, would you mind posting them here.

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Comment by Roger Clark 1 minute ago

Thanks Andy for another great garden visit. The food offerings were wonderful, I will definitely have to up my game considerably so that I don't get embarrassed by what I bring in comparison. Lovely to meet a lot of new members and to see all of the "usual suspects" once again. I enjoyed the beer making and tasting demo. It is always great to witness the diversity of what people do within our club. Andy certainly has a lot of great setups going in a relatively small space.

Comment by Dianne Caswell 1 hour ago

I am at this moment writing a report on the GV at Andy's yesterday. Could anyone who took photos please add them into the report. This is the link to add your comments and photos.  GV AND BOOZE DEMO AND TASTING AT ANDY'S 22ND OCT 2017

Thanks so much everyone for a great time yesterday.

Comment by nina 11 hours ago

Hi Andy
Thank you for a lovely morning. It was fun catching up after such a long time. Your garden is full of interesting things, a surprise around every corner .Appreciated the talk and sampling that followed ! Food and beverages yummy and went home with some new cuttings thanks to the superb share table.
Comment by Andrew Cumberland 13 hours ago

I really enjoyed having everyone today.  There was a few folks that I didn't know and I as sorry I didn't get the chance to talk to.  Enjoyed making the new friends that I did and catching up with all us regulars.  What a hoot. 

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker 14 hours ago

wonderful time as usual at GV today thanks Andy for your great hosting, love your garden so inired to get more done here. Cheryl how did you get time for a snooze we brought home so many goodies we have oly just got in from all the plantings we have to do ! thank you everyone for the swaps and ideas ! great weather good food awesome company - learnt several new tricks to try in the garden. 

Comment by Clive Buckingham 14 hours ago

Thanks Andy for a lovely morning, guided tour and booze demo. I understand what you mean when you said you waste nothing, especially garden space. Your garden is a treat and an inspiration.

Cheers Clive & Liz

Comment by CHERYL SLAPP 14 hours ago

thanks for this morning Andy - great time as usual.  Had a good snooze this afternoon

Comment by Matthew Bushnell 19 hours ago

Thanks for a wonderful time at your place Andy, and for welcoming me and Pauline as "noobies".

The below comments have been copied from the Events section to the report.

It is time for me to look for gardens for the 2018 Garden Visits. We are firstly looking for members who have either never held a visit or have not for some time, first preference in dates will be given to New Members.

You need not have a well established garden or masterpiece of organization. It may be tiny or acreage, as long as you have something edible it's our type of garden.

If you are interested in holding a GV in 2018 please contact Dianne on 0407691485 or send me a Personal Message via Inbox (you need to friend me first).

Thanks to everyone for your participation in 2017, Without you there would be no GV's.

Andy doing the talk.

There was a LOT of very nice food (and Dianne's favourite rat in a cage). 

More photos of the incredible feast. 

The give away table runneth over.

Thanks Andy, I really do need to crack open my cider kit :)

Susan did you buy the cider kit with Apple concentrate provided or are you using fresh Apples? I seriously thought about buying one until I read about the supplied concentrate.

Elaine, I wouldn't worry too much about concentrates.  Most things are shipped around the world these days as a concentrate (doesn't pay to ship water) and then reconstituted on arrival.  Having said that, all you need is a fermenting vessel, sugar, yeast and apple juice. 

Susan - I'm away on the 12th so can't come to your GV.  However, I'd be happy to make a date sometime to help you crack that bad boy and give it a run.  

Not worrying, Andy but disappointed. Thought the Green Living and similar places were fostering locally grown. Not, evidently. Was attracted to the idea of a kit that came ready to use rather than chasing down bits here and there. Using concentrates of fruits we grow here is just supporting other countries with their notions of growing crops and treating their workers fairly which could well differ from ours.

Not always Elaine.  We export oranges to California in our season and then import back in their's.  However, I agree - it's always worth checking the source of where things come from.  Let's not support the slave trade. 

To put my cards on the table, I am a distributor for Green Living Australia.  I sell quite a few of their cheese kits and stuff to my students (at a discount because they pay for the course).  I've thought about doing a post about exactly that, but I didn't want to look mercenary.  

Having said that, I go about cider yeast from home brew shops and then just use apple juice.  

Thanks Andy. Apple Juice even the organic, is at least pasteurised if not laced with preservatives. But the yeast works with the sugar content so maybe that doesn't matter so much.

Sorry being so slow in getting photos in. First one dedicated to Dianne who talked me through it !


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