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Today we had a visit to see Muriel and Winston's courtyard garden.  It was lovely to see that a garden can be in many places. Their retirement home was in a multi-storey apartment building, set beside the Nudgee College ovals at Boondall.   Muriel moved into her apartment in July 2015 and has a fair size courtyard attached to her unit.  The north easterly aspect was favorable to growing her plants. 

Muriel showed us how we can use recycled containers to plant in and old suitcases, cupboard drawers, and little shower racks, recycled dishes and many terracotta pots, held a variety of plants.  Water was kept in containers in the courtyard, and with the use of the compost bucket and worm farm,  she managed to grow plants for her needs.  An example of the old tool chest and timber boxes used to hold the plants.  In the rear is an old suitcase on a stand. This area appeared to be in partial shade.  A ladder was used to grow a passionfruit.

Tomato plants did well in the terracotta pots. There were 10 of us in attendance, including Muriel and Winston.  We sampled Phil's blueberry water kefir drink which was lushious, and two different types of homemade Pesto sauce made by Dianne.  Let's hope we left her with some basil leaves. We had a lovely cuppa and tasties.  The swap table had oregano, cranberry hibiscus plants, mint plants and some seeds and pawpaw and white choko and a carton of beautiful limes to share.

On the right of picture is the compost bucket next to a pot of beans.

A Mulberry tree and pomegranite were doing well.

Afterwards the group moved on to see the Community garden which managed to have many things growing well. 

Thank you Muriel and Winston for sharing your garden with us. 

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Sorry I could not make it in the end. It looks very inspiring. So tidy!

We had a lovely GV in Muriel and Winston's delightful Courtyard Garden. Thank-You so much Muriel for inviting us into your garden and for being my first official Garden Visit.

Later we ventured out into the Community Garden where we found all manner of Fruit and Vegetables growing. Muriel was able to have Phil climb a ladder to pick her a Green Paw Paw to make a Curry (yum I wish we had stayed for dinner).

Thank You so much Christa for your informative report on our visit today, it is always nice to catch up with gardening friends.

Community Garden - Growing many different Fruits and Vegetables

Inspiring how much can be fitted into a relatively small space Muriel, thank you for having us.

I love your use of bits a and pieces as grow containers, very creative - from suitcases and old cupboards to a Coleman as a wicking bed.

I have put the Recipes for the Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and Traditional Genovese Pesto Recipes in the Forum Recipe Section. If growing Basil especially for making Basil Pesto it makes a better tasting Pesto if you sow some seeds of Genovese Basil to grow on (not sure if seedlings are available)

Remiss of me but I forgot to thank all of the BLF Members who attended the GV this morning.

Many thanks Muriel and Winston for allowing us to visit your wonderful courtyard garden.  It made me think I need to be more creative in my planting vessels - love the idea of the old suitcases and chest of draws - will be trawling at the next council pick-up.

Thanks for writing the report Christa and Muriel + Winston for hosting us.

Muriel - as mentioned your courtyard garden is very warm and sheltered so I think you would have lots of success growing heat loving plants. In particular I would suggest growing Moringa oleifera in a large pot and keeping it pruned to prevent it growing too tall. Easy to do as all of it is edible apart from the branches. I'm sure you would have good success with this very healthy and useful tree.

That looks great.  I am always inspired by people who grow in tiny spaces (surprise, surprise given the size of my yard!).  Sorry I couldn't get there Muriel. 

Looks very beautiful.  Is the community garden part of the retirement village?  If I had to go somewhere later in life, a place like this might be right up my alley - I could still keep gardening.  Your mulberry tree does not look like it's even beginning to think it's winter. 


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