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Garden Visit at Susan's with Demonstration of Dumpling Making - 12th Nov 2017

It was the perfect day for a Sunday Drive to Susan's. Many of us have already been lucky enough to have been to Susan's for a Garden Visit, but there is just something special about a garden just after rain with the sun gleaming down on the leaves and the brightness of the Spring Flowers and other Perennials in their full glory.

Please enjoy the Pictorial Visit around the Susan's Garden and think about hosting one in 2018. It's easy and you only have to ask our regular GV goes what a buzz it can be. Also a big Thank You must go to our Members and Friends for your continued support.

Susan has made good use of her available land and it is surprising how much has packed into a small suburban block. She is able to grow most vegetables for the family's needs in Wicking Beds and Fruit Trees in the ground. Her garden is one that uses Organic principles and it shows. She has very little to no problem with Fruit Fly and Other Pests. Fertilizing is done by her Chickens and a few handfuls of Organic Mix now and again. Salvia add the sparkle to all gardens and don't her Honey Bees love them, their Honey is lovely, you must try it if you are ever lucky enough to.

The Morning Tea table was as usual welcomed, with all manner of goodies from the kitchens of members. Our taste buds were teased with Susan's Dumplings and the thoughts of  being shown how to make them ourselves. We all admitted that Susan and her lovely daughter Michaela made making them seem easy, can't wait to give them a try.

Thank You so much Susan for stepping up to the plate and hosting yet another Garden Visit. Your garden is always a pleasure to visit and we can be sure each time to find something new be it a New Planting or a Free of Shrub that is Flowering and Fruiting for the first time. 

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yes Susan a big thank you for the visit - it s truly amasing what you have done with a suburban black and what healthy eating can do !!!! many of us have come away with new garden plants seeds and especially a renewed enthusiasm for gardening and making dumplings. It was difficult to get home without a detour to the shops to get the needed ingredients 

Great pix! Ah but what are these intriguing dumplings? What are they made of and how do you make them?

Garden is looking wonderful Susan :) Always love your mix of flowers and food plants.

Glad we could make it to your GV.  As Lissa said you mixed flower and food together in your gardens and it adds a lovely touch.  We were impressed and happy to see your bamboo stand and now we have something to look forward to with our gracillis bamboo plant.  Your variety of citrus must soon give you a year long fruit supply.  We are going to try your dumplings when we can get hold of the ingredients.  One great hint was placing the excess ginger roots into the freezer and when it is time to use, the skin just rubs off as it thaws out. 

Thank you for sharing your garden and knowledge. 

Yes, I endorse all the previous comments. I do hope that your Pomegranate's give you some fruit this year, but only if mine also fruit. We can't have you outdoing me, again!! Thanks to Michaela for your assistance in the dumpling making, (in other words rescuing your mum from potential disaster). On this note I'll go, see you all at Mary - Anne's.

Hi Elaine, Susan has said she will post the recipe for the Dumplings, she just needs to find it on her computer. They are great and I am sure you both would enjoy them.

Glad I made it to you GV and want to thank you for your hospitality, clippings and demonstration.  Great day, great weather, great company and great information.  Looking forward to having a go at making the dumplings.

Dumplings recipe

1/2 sugar loaf cabbage, finely sliced and salted - left to drain for 20 min - squeeze out excess moisture

In bowl

500g Pork mince

2 thumbs size of ginger (finely chopped -> FC)

3 cloves garlic FC

1/2 cup of shallots

2 teaspoons of oil

1 table spoon of soy sauce

1 teaspoon of sugar

Coriander to taste.

Add in cabbage and mix.   Place spoonfuls of the mix onto Gow gee wrappers (near fresh pasta in woolies) and fold in half and then crimp together. 

I then freeze these (single layer on trays and then once frozen, all together in bag).

To cook:

Heat oil in pan with a lid.  Once hot place frozen dumplings on frying for 5 min.  Add a bit of water and put lid on - steam for another 10 min.  Drizzle with soy sauce.

Cool, Susan - thank you. They sound scrumptious!

Thanks Susan,  off to the shops today to get gowgee wrappers, everything else I have.

sorry I missed it! looks great, hope you all had fun 


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