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To limit the download when replying or reading the posts, I've included some extra photos here on a separate page.

A Banana plant with a half-grown bunch:

A PawPaw just coming into flower:

A Chilli:

Some bee-attracting flowers:

The native stingless beehive populated with Tetragonula carbonaria:

The exotic honeybees Apis mellifera in a top bar hive:

And many thriving seedlings in the above-ground beds:

And finally the self-sown Lettuces:

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Nice pics Elaine, both these and the earlier ones.

Thanks for all the pics and report Elaine :)

One of those self sown lettuces has come up at the entrance to my garage out the front. I crop from it when I come home!

All the garden is looking great Lissa. Always good to see what everyone else is growing, you will have a lovely variety for winter I'm sure.

Love your garden Lissa. It always staggers me how so much grows so well and looks so tidy. I love your methods.

Thanks Susanne :) Still trying to define those methods lol. Keep it simple I say.

Wish I could have made it - your garden is still looking amazing and an inspiration.  Plus this wonderful rain has made me very eager to get the winter crop underway.


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