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What a delightful event! Something different every time!

Clear skies, sun, fresh air and the smell of gum smoke wafting among congenial company ... what more could you ask for?

Around 20 BLFers and children came, ate, chatted and enjoyed the garden, chooks and friendly cat.

Craig fired up his own-made pizza oven, made enough bases for everyone to have one and cooked the pizzas as we made them. Not only that, he made a wicked punch to go with it.

The table was groaning with home-made food ranging from caramelised onions to Labneh to passata to salads and dessert. There was plenty to go around and some for Craig and family to snack on over the weekend.

A small part of the edible garden:

And the chooks:

Now for the centre of attention, the pizza oven and its builder:

Above - the fire had been burning for 2-3 hours and was getting close to the coals needed to cook the raw pizza dough.

The oven in all its glory - complete with thermometer:

The ingredients table ... oh my, the scrumptious and varied food!:

Above - the bases; thin and crispy! Mmmmm!

Some of the junior garden-apprentices having a ball:

A day to savour ;-)

Thank you so much Craig and Cassie and your daughter Piper for your wonderful hospitality :-)

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Wonderful Elaine! :)

It was certainly an exceptional day. We also got to meet Farina in person...

..and here's Scratch the cat trying and succeeding to steal pizza from Theo.

Joseph also gave a demo of his simple method of making Comfrey concentrate which had us all enthralled including Elaine. I'll do a seperate report on that.  Sorry about the antennae Joseph :/

So jealous, folks.  I'm also really happy that it was such a great day you all shared.  Magic!

All the leftovers made this gigantic foccacia! Its seriously half a meter long!

We did miss you Andy. Hope you had a great day at the Abbey.

My goodness that looks good. I can see some of my roasted carrot, picked this morning, peeking out.

Thank you to Craig and Cassie for having us over and to everyone who brought goodies to share.

Oh, that looks arrite!

You must have dined well tonight!

Thanks to everyone for coming, it was great that we could all contribute to a meal from our collective gardens. I'm sorry that I didn't get to chat more about the oven or my garden, but fire away if you have any questions.

hahahaha - pizza oven - fire away - ... oh... shut up Andy. 

It sure looked like a great day for all. Such a pity I couldn't make it. Not well lately.

Sorry to hear it Kathryn. Hope you can make it to the next one :)

Such a beautiful day, such a beautiful bunch, brilliant garden and AMAZING food - I'm hooked! ;) Thanks to all, especially Craig and Cassie, and Lissa :)

My pics didn't turn out too well, but I did manage to get one of Joseph, minus antennae...:D

Your reply has gone walkies Farina ;)


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