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I must firstly apologise to Elaine’s for the lateness of this report I have been waiting to have the photos available but we have had problems putting them on from the phone to computer but today we have fixed the problem.

Thank You to Elaine’s for sharing their garden with us once again. What a wonderful morning it turned out to be. The sun was shining and it was not too hot for us to enjoy a trip around the garden. The Wicking Beds brimming with life and a tribute to the Elaine’s hard work during these dry times to produce a bountiful garden, one that is always interesting and full of ideas for the Novice and experienced Gardener.

Elaine was kind enough to give us a talk on Wicking Beds which was interesting and shared with us how to put together a bed. There was also a useful handout supplied which can also be found on the site.

Thank you to all our members who came along and we also had a few unexpected interested people come along to see how our group works and listen to Elaine’s talk.

Elaine has good success with Pineapples as shown in these Beds   

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Thanks Dianne.  I can finally update the site header.  (Yes, I am that kind of sad bloke who enjoys updating the site header.. oh... and drinking... I enjoy that too.)

I like to see that site header change!

Oooo... we have a shiney new header. 



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