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Well, what a surprise this garden visit turned out to be!

My first impression as I pulled up was exactly how the event was advertised: a nice, neat, normal little suburban front yard.  However, the instant I left the footpath and could see the reverse side of that front group of bushy material, it became obvious that this was a serious gardener's paradise (right down to the perfect patch of lawn). 

Dianne has managed to create a beautiful series of outdoor garden rooms, each full of its own types of plants, including LOTS of herbs, edible greens and fruit.  

Each room also had a feature of some description, be it a seat, table and chairs, sundial etc. This added a very charming and delightful feel to the entire yard. 

Like all good gardeners, Dianne creates her own compost and has worm farms for that quick fix of lovely worm tea.  

Pots also feature extensively in the yard and by using these Dianne has managed to make use of every square inch of space. 

As usual, the company, food and give away plants were fantastic. 

It was a happy birthday Dianne where she gave all the guests the presents!  I'm still dirty that I missed the pizza....  Although, I did enjoy sampling Margaret's wonderful home made cheeses.  The blue was superb!

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My! Looks and sounds amazing. We did miss a truly special garden :-( Thank you Andy, you have given us a taste of a beautiful garden.

Andy the photos are wonderful, my compost and worm farms have never looks better, pity we didn't get the toad that is in the bucket.

Thank you everyone for a truly memorial 60th birthday GV, good company, conversation, knowledge, exchange of ideas and laughter was had by all. We missed all of you who were unable to attend due to other commitments or Illness, to those we wish a speedy recovery. Perhaps we will see you in the Spring.

I do love my garden and hope one day to be able to grow Vegies as good as all of you . See you all at the next GV. Talk soon.

Wonderful write up Andy :)

That was truly a memorable day. Dianne let on just before lunch that it was her birthday.

The love and attention to detail can be seen throughout Dianne's beautiful garden. Lots of shady little garden "rooms" with seats for spending a quiet moment.

I may have some more photos to add - as usual my camera batteries give out just when I need them.

Hi Dianne, once again congratulations of reaching the wonderful 60's and many thanks for your hospitality and allowing us to invade your garden.   Love all the garden rooms you have created, wish I was as artistic as you.

Dianne, I hope you had as wonderful of a day as we all had. The garden was just spectacular and gave me a real case of "citrus envy"! I have no idea how you stay on top of it all. It's just beautiful!

The food, the company and the surroundings were just fantastic. All the best for this milestone birthday and the many more to come.

Oh, and here is her lovely signs and proof that she does indeed have chickens:

Hi ,what! so Diannne you want to grow vegetables as good as the rest of us as well .No way! you cant show us all how done done with veges as well or we  will all bow our heads in shame LOL. Was truly a wonderful day inspirational for all Im sure.My  Casava and sweet potatoe cuttings will be going to a good home thanks again. Regards DARREN and DEB

Did you see that she does have a chook mate!?

HA HA HA  I know that species full of iron that one lol

Obviously a 'rusted on' chook owner ;-).

You pair need to keep sheep.  Your jokes are "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad"

Feeling shorn, Andy? ;-)


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