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Wonderful morning - great weather, enthusiastic company and genial hosts. What more could any gardener ask?

On a standard house block, the garden has been carefully packed in. So many plants are growing in above-ground beds, in the ground, in wicking beds and in the aquaponics grow beds, never mind the chooks and the worms! Oh and did I mention Bobby? He's the guardian of it all, small in stature but big on enthusiasm. I neglected to take his photo, so if he's reading this ... ;-)

Aquaponics and Worms:


The three hens in their compact, shaded and beautifully decorated Cluckingham Palace with different levels and a cool opening coop complete with cabaret glitter ball:

There was a very good rollup, one of our best keen to see the real-life situation of one of BLFs most frequent contributors.

And the 'bring a plate' food ... as always a varied selection. This time we had 2 cheese-maker's samples. Thank you Andy and Margaret: scrumptious beyond drooling! And for those of us who sampled Andy's 2 liqueurs, what can I say? Quite a kick for such innocuous-looking liquids.

There was freshly-made sandwiches, home-baked cakes, home-grown dips. Our host had to tear us away from the food to look at the garden ... and this was a garden visit rather than a nosh-up.

Since it's close to Halloween, the garden reflected the hosts keenness on appropriate decorations. A selection ...

Andy and Roz - you've done yourselves proud ... the McDowall Manor City Farm is a credit to your ingenuity, hard work and a zest for living.

Thank you both for having us over.

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So sorry I couldn't make it!!! Sounds like a fabulous garden visit, well done Andy and Roz!

After reading all the reports on your garden, I too am sorry I missed it. You will have to put your name down for next year GV so I to can come to visit. Now that I am not so much a Newie I will have confidence to come to the GVs. I will have to bring Graham as he will have to be my driver as I am not allowed to drive anymore.

Happy Gardening.....

I will for sure Dianne.  


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