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Thank you to everyone who joined us at Flaxton :)

We were lucky enough to have perfect weather for our morning with Jeffrey, one very relaxed guy who's as open to taking gardening hints as he is to sharing his own. 

Jeffrey's written some local gardening books for those who haven't been introduced to them:


Preface to The Organic Garden: This is a book for gardeners of the heart. In you're only interested in results - in growing huge tomatoes or giant cabbages - then perhaps it won't impress you. If, however, you've ever gazed in awe at the beauty of the early morning dew glistening on your first poppy in spring; if you've watched with humility and wonder as the tiny seeds you planted last week burst through the surface of the soil to lift their first little leaves to the sun; if you truly love plants......then this book is for you.

Our visit was topped off with a lovely lunch at Mapleton Tavern where the meals were huge. The dogs did indeed love me for bringing home all that left over lamb roast.

Jeffrey had some of his books for sale on the day at a discounted price and was happy to sign these or our own copies.

New look for Jeffreys book:

Morning tea after a longish drive to Flaxton, always appreciated.

Usual goodies with the welcome addition of perfectly cooked Chestnuts from Valerie. Very moorish.

The tour started in Jeffrey's front yard where fascinatingly there are two local historic graves...

When asked if he keeps bees Jeffrey led us to this big old tree in his front yard where honeybees have moved in and created a perfect home in a hollow....

Jeffrey has lived on his one acre property for around 25yrs. He has an orchard predominantly of citrus and mulberry trees with the odd Macadamia and a struggling Moringa.

Cathie was one of the happy recipients of shared fruit....

We were all enamoured of the gorgeous Banana Passionfruit flowers and heaps of developing fruit. Jeffrey told us the plant had been blooming for quite some time before it started fruiting.

Back garden area with lots of Pawpaw and pumpkins. Large chook run with many chooks (?) is to the right.

Jeffrey grows his greens inside a netted area - interestingly quite a big weave but he assured us it keeps out most of the cabbage whites. Any that get in he is happy to dispatch with a badminton bat. Jeffrey mulches his seedlings with freshly cut grass clippings.

Experimenting with a mushroom farm from Bunnings, side by side with a lovely Sorrel.

Don't we all look serious! We're all tut-tutting over Jeffrey's one and only rosebush, a gift from a friend, which needs some love and trimming.

A final rummage through the swap "table". Jeffrey was gifted with one of Cathie's walking stick Collard Green Couve (?? Cathie??) seedlings and some Moringa pods and seeds.

Jeffrey was invited to join us for lunch at the Mapleton Tavern but declined due to a prior appointment. The view was incredible. The food very reasonably priced and hugely abundant. The ambience only slightly spoiled by the sounds of throaty motor bikes.

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It was such a beautiful day and it was great to put a face to the man who writes the books. Jeffery was most giving with his time, it was a treat to walk around his expansive garden,  Graham and I were lucky enough to came away with some of his beautiful Organic Oranges.

Mapleton Tavern has not changed since Graham and I lived on the coast 40 years ago (in Graham's Surfie Days), still the relaxed atmosphere, hugh meals and the smell and sound of the many motor bikes. It was lovely to catch up with BLF friends who we had not see for a while.

Good to read the report, thanks to the contributors. Nearly as good as smelling the cool fresh air ;-)


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