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Nine plant enthusiasts including one of our newest members, came to this most interesting event.

Carolyn part-owner/manager of the nursery, welcomed us and told us something of the 40-plus year history of the nursery. Refreshing to find a family-owned company still flourishing and still in the original hands!

On 10 acres, the nursery has increased its stock from mainly fruit trees to ornamentals, garden supplies and accessories.

The nursery propagates most of its own fruit trees, branching out from mostly citrus to many other fruiting plants. Rivalling Daley's for variety with the bonus that you can pick your own tree by personal shopping.

A space was set aside for us with chairs and table and, courtesy of Dianne and Graham, we enjoyed a light lunch.

Most of the group listening to Carolyn explain Turner's history:

View of part of the fruit tree production area with Carolyn in the foreground:

Rootstocks growing on:

Inside the accessories shop:

Inside the indoor plants area:

A wonderful half-day excursion. Thank you Carolyn for your welcome and your hospitality and to your staff for their time in answering our questions.

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Thanks everyone, though I could only stay a short time, it was nice to meet some of you.  Most of my new plants are in the garden now.  For those of you who knew I had to leave for my daughter's netball game, they won 35-14...  Glad I got there in time!

To Cathy:  thanks so much for you help with my shopping list.  If you want to split the basil, please get in touch and we can meet and split. 


That looks like it was a fantastic time.  Thanks for the report Elaine. 

A good report Elaine, and nice piccies.  Would love to know if you succumbed to buying any plants and any that you found interesting.  The last time we went there, Ian broke the bank by buying an advanced double graft citrus, which was interesting when he tried to fit it into the back of the car. 

Not personally Christa, but some of our number did. Just as well anyway coz Carolyn pulled out all the stops for us.

I note that to continue surviving the nursery is stocking more ornamental plants. The reality is that however popular food growing is these days, most people with gardens plant 'flowers'. And I found that when working in nurseries, the most popular fruit plant was Lemon of any variety and the commonest question was 'how high does it grow?'.

Thanks so much Elaine for writing the lovely report. What a beautiful day we choose to visit Turners the Sun was shining but it was not to hot for the comfortable walk around the Nursery.Carolyn was the perfect host, telling us how it began as a Paw Paw Farm, then was turned to In Ground growing of Fruit Trees and now how the Fruit Trees are Grafted onsite and grown up on bricks so as the pots don't touch the ground. It was Turner's who were responsible for the breeding of the Citrus Lemonade Tree.

There is a gold mine under the nursery in the way of a Water Table/Aquifer, it provides the nursery with all the water they need, it stretches from the Scenic Rim to Stradbroke Island. No chance of running out of water or restrictions in drought conditions.

Unfortunately there is a downside to progress, it happens that the big developers have moved into the area buying up all the properties. Carolyn says it is inevitable that she will have to close one day as the council and governments make it difficult to stay. So we will have seen another wonderful nursery close, so please lets take advantage of the knowledge that so many years in a Fruit Tree Nursery brings.

After the tour around it was time for lunch and a cuppa, we had Open Sandwiches on Sour Dough Bread Rolls, and Tim Tams for Desert, (Sorry you missed lunch Melissa, but pleased the girls won their game). It was then time to say good bye, plants in hand and with our Sample Bags from Turners.

Thank You so most Carolyn for your generous hospitality and I am sure most of us will come again. And a big Thank You to our Members who came from near and far.

Thanks for the report. Sadly couldnt make it as am sick again :( But did by a tahitian lime from Aldi yesterday to compensate haha



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