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Andy packs a lot of food into the suburban yard, with food production pretty much surrounding the house. Then turns a crafty hand to a broad and tasty spectrum of post growing products, including pestos, preserves, cheeses and home brew to name a few.

The garden tour took us past a productive cumquat hedge, very healthy Gooseberries, Dwarf citrus trees, grape, loganberry & passionfruit vines, many veggies and greens in the raised garden and wicking beds, an impressive aquaponics system housing Jade perch right beside a lovely chook pen. All this dotted with lovely flowers, subtle worm farms & composting setups.

There were lots of pleasant conversations, foods, give away plants/seeds & cuttings from all, and a special free lesson on how to make really easy summer wine/cider/beer form your excess fruit. We were able to taste Andy's cheeses, home made wines, liquors, pesto, smoked rissoles. What a day!

An overflowing giveaway table.

Lots of nice food and conversation.

Homely chook house within a spacious chook pen.

Healthy Looking Jade Perch.Aquaponics viewed from outside.

Well constructed Arbor, garden beds & chook pen, with gooseberries to the left and lovely white roses climbing.

Three of Andy's ... Davidson's plum sparkling wine, cumquat cello, and oak aged rum ... what a well made drop! ... a statement that can be made for all three of these.

A tasty blue brie and Onion feta.

Bobby kept an eye on all while Andy pointed to lots of things.

There are many more interesting pics (I left out a lot of Andy's veggies and greens), so I might post a part 2 later on.

Thank you Rozie and Andy for sharing your gardens, foods, knowledge and extended morning with all of us!

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Nice write up Rob

Thanks Rob :) and a big thank you to Andy and Roz for hosting and providing us with a wonderful, social morning. 

Thank you to everyone who brought along so many different items for the share table. Lots of great plants, seeds and some produce. We always go home with some goodies!

Once again Andy and Roz out did themselves as host and hostess - also many thanks for the cuttings, and sampling of your food and drink.  It was an enjoyable morning with great conversation and people giving me lots of ideas and advice and plants I am eager to grow and taste - thanks everyone.

You've made me blush Rob. Thanks for such a kind review!

I am always amazed at how much people are able to fit in to their gardens, Andy and Roz have an abundance of veges, flowers, herbs, and great set ups for chooks and fish. Of special interest was the demo of how to make wines, I will definitely be having a go at that. It was also great to meet and chat with so many like minded gardeners, thanks to you all for your generous plant and seed donations. Lots of good food and friendship was had by all.

I came home with some sweet potato cuttings, a Brown turkey fig cutting and a taro plant.  Not bad in exchange for some hippeastrum bulbs, various melon/eggplant/mint seedlings and seeds.  I forgot to put out my 1 dozen eggs as it was put in my handbag and there it stayed.  Oh well, we had quiche last night to use some of them up :)  I got home full of excitement and told my husband that once some of the fruit trees start producing more crops, I'm going to try my hand at a sparkling wine.   Hmmmm,  I wonder how lychees will go?????  Another couple of years and my trees should be big enough that I will have some spare to experiment with.  Thanks Andy and Roz.

Oooh Lychee wine. Gorgeous. I want to try out some Jaboticaba wine but need to visit the brew shop first.

Um... Lycheeeees.... 

We had a lovely day with some fellow gardeners, and especially our wonderful hosts Roz and Andy.   To see all the different things one can do with so few ingredients, was fantastic. Wonderful cheeses, wine, drinks, popcorn and tasties.   Next time can I bring my bamboo fishing rod. 

We look forward to growing our new plants, and sharing new things. 

Thanks Andy and Rozie for hosting the garden visit, and thanks Rob for the post :)

I couldn't make it this time, but judging from the photos, it looks like the lawn is shrinking! 


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