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What a roll up! Thank you all for coming.

People must be hanging out for a visit by the beginning of the new year. We did indeed end up with about 30 people attending - some new faces, some regulars and some we haven't seen for a while who made a big effort to attend.

Our lucky number drawer for a jar of honey from my bees went to our guest speakers wife who was very pleased as Ismail apparently goes through a lot of honey.

Ismail Moola from Nutri Organics gave a talk on his organic microbe rich products. See his website HERE for more information. Thank you for coming along Ismail :) Some of the members including myself bought products on the day to test out and provide feed back.

Due to being a bit busy hosting I didn't get to take many photos. Suffice it to say there were a lot of happy people chatting, lots of cuttings went home, the swap table and food table were both laden and everyone had a good time.

Some of us hung around for a bit afterwards talking. Very nice :)

Andy is very handy with the video camera and has made a promo video of the visit HERE for his YouTube channel.

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From Christa and Ian:

Comment by Christa 10 hours ago
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We had a special day with a special lady.  Thank you Lissa, for being a giving person.  You did not hesitate to share your wares.  We saw some plants that were new to us, and also some ideas on how to prepare them foodwise, i.e. nopales, maranta, pepino and much more.  I must admit to pinching a bit of grey leaf sage.   The wonderful array of items on the swap table, could make any gardener happy.  I came home with so many things, hopefully one day soon, I will be able to share with some new gardeners too.  Thanks Phil for the seeds and plant which I have been looking for, for a while, and Michael Hoff for the solanum plant, which I will have to investigate a bit more.  Thanks Cheryl for the galangal which I relieved you off as soon as you entered the door.    The bees were busy and it was good to see your top bar hive and native stingless bees. 

What a friendly group of gardeners we are! Thank you.

We did have a lot of fun didn't we :) What a good bunch of people. Hopefully everyone went home with a bit of what they wanted.

That is a White Sage Christa. And you're more than welcome to some! Others went home with bits too. It's very hardy and much tougher than the regular one.

From Nova and Carl:

Comment by Nova & Carl Robertson 7 hours ago
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Thank you for today Lissa, We very much enjoyed ourselves today in your garden. Look forward to seeing you and the other keen gardeners at Beachmere. Thanks again.

Thank you both for coming Nova and Carl and bub. Hopefully those Soursop seed will grow for you. See you at Beachmere :)

What a great day, thanks again Lissa for your hospitality.  How about the roll up, the largest turn out I have seen at any of the GVs I've been to.  It was nice to meet the newbies and catch up with the oldies plus learn about some new plants and take some samples home.  Thanks to everyone who supplied the seeds and plants.  Look forward to catching up with everyone again, alas not at Beachmere. 

Thanks Cheryl :) It sure was a good turn out wasn't it. I wonder what the attraction might be in all seriousness. Did people like having a guest speaker? Or were they all hoping to win a jar of honey?

You are being modest there Lissa. I'll give you a hint - most people left with their hands overflowing with cuttings and seeds. I hadn't planned to get anything and still I left with a box full of stuff. It will be a shame when you move but on the positive side you get to redesign your garden and put in practice all the lessons you learned from this one and of course learn new ones. When that happens everybody who benefited from your GVs can give you cuttings from their established plants that came from you - karma in practice!

Perhaps that's in the back of my mind Phil for the when the day comes :) Depends on where I end up of course.

There are things which will encourage people to come out to a GV though and I would like feedback about what that might be. Though not necessary I think any value adding to a GV is attractive to members. We already have the food, the company and the swap table but something special each time is a draw.

Thanks Lissa for a great garden visit. It is a wonder that you have anything left in your garden after sharing so many cuttings and bits of plants with everyone. I doubt if anyone went home empty handed. It is an eye opener to see so many different plants growing in a relatively small space, you certainly have packed in a lot of very different plants into your garden. Thanks to everyone for their generosity in bringing swap items, and lovely food.  

Thanks Roger :)

I started my garden with bits and pieces from other people and am only too happy to share them on. The more people growing these plants suitable to our climate the better. And a trim does them the world of good ;)

Thanks You Lissa for a lovely morning. It was so nice to see so many old friends and newbies, I am sure the newbies will fit in very well with our motley crew. Of course we were treated to a lovely array of nibbles as usual, what a talented bunch BLF members are. The Swap Table and Your Garden were a big hit and I am sure everyone will have gone home with a little bit of something.

Your Garden is still amazing, even with this awful heat we have been having you manage it. I am enthused, we bought some Tomato plants on the way home to do the soil comparison and other bits and pieces, so hopefully I will be ready by September.

Again Thank You Lissa...

Thank you Dianne :)

Really good to see you out and about and looking so well. We had a good day didn't we :)


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