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Thank you Terry and Heather for your hospitality! A couple of pix:

Part of the diverse and delicious nibbles:

And most of the gardeners in earnest discussion:

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Terry and Heather, Thank you. I was wondering how to thank you and luckily Elaine started this. Very impressive - the energy and creativity and buzz - maybe I will catch some of it.

I'll add pictures and my highly technical review tonight folks.  

Here it is - the long awaited Andy C review of today's garden visit.   

Firstly, you have to love the free plants and dead cheap items you can get at a garden visit.

And, the lovely food and drink that begins to emerge as our fellow BLFers arrive.

The expectant crowd begins to build:

Even the odd professional model:

Finally, the official business begins.  Terry explains his aquaponics system.

Eager viewers check the fish:

Farina strikes a pose in a feeble attempt to compete with her handsome young son:

Andy tries to pretend he knows what he is talking about:

Terry's "dirt garden":

Subsequently, the festivities continue.

Stevo holds court:

The food magically vanishes!

Our lovely hosts do their very best not to look bored:

While Terry demonstrates how they do a sobriety test in Tasmania (which Estaban is clearly "just not buying"):

Thank you for a wonderful day all.  It was a fabulous morning.  

Oh, and finally, the "Quote of the Day" award goes to our Scott who informed me with an almost straight face, "You don't look a thing like your avatar!"

Lol! Thank you for the photos Andy, and a huge thank you to Terry and Heather - what a wonderful first garden visit!

Thank you to everyone who came along and brought the lovely food, it was great to meet all of you for the first time. I hope you found the aquaponics setup interesting, it is a fun hobby and a different way of growing some veggies and fish.

Thanks to Elaine, Stevo and Andy for the photos!

Hi Terry could you pls tell me what fish it was and where I can buy them pls.

Tq kindly


Hi Im,

My fish are called Jade Perch and I got them from here

Excellent :) So many great photos of the fun on the day.

Big thank you to Terry and Heather for having us over. Turned out to be quite a big gathering but there was plenty of room in that great semi-outdoor area of Terry's.

I had a lovely time Terry and Heather Thanks for having us.

Thank you Heather and Terry for your hospitality. Thank you Elaine and Andy for the photos. Thank you Andy and Ros for that delicious drop of Cumquat lacquer. P.S Roz see my photo of Mosaic paver for garden.


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