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Once again an incredible turn out of BLF'ers, friends and family. Lots of seedlings, seeds, fruit and plants went home with people - lovely to see :)

If anyone cannot remember what their cuttings are please just message me and I'll identify them, so long as they came from my garden.

Not too many good photos, sorry. I should have taken a pic of the swap table which was groaning with goodies to share.

If anyone else has photos we would love you to share them. Bit hard to be hostess and photographer.

Below: Young Elliot who asked lots of intelligent questions and is going to be a great gardener of the future. Thank you for being my helper Elliot :)

Elaine, Christine, James, Roz and a poor pic of Andy.

Lucy and Anna - my little neighbours. Allyson in the background, Lyn with her head cut off - sorry Lyn.

Around the food table. Lots of lovely food for everyone including gluten free muffins from Kathryn :) which I enjoyed very much.

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Thanks Lissa for being a wonderful host, your tropical fruit trees astound me, you must ooooze love when you wander through your garden --- such happy plants. The Jame's trophy goes to Rozzi for her treat that kept them back and eventually late, glad you took the time ---the lime flavoured cake was superb. Nice to meet new friends. So so sorry Lissa for forgetting the mulberry muscat, I promise to bring it to another GV in the future.

Short report and some pix under the Garden Visit Group.

Someone has left behind a plant with a big ball of soil, in a white plastic bag inside a small box. Ring a bell for anyone? Could be a passionfruit. Give me a ring 0414 445 581 and we'll organise getting it to you.

I am also holding ransom Andy's bread and butter knife and more importantly, his Sweet Leaf cuttings. You know what you have to do if you want to see these plants alive again ;)

The Black Sapote left behind will be offered to the Mango Hill Community Garden - bit big for my little yard no matter how much my heart wants it.

Thank you for posting the pic Valerie :)

James, you are forgiven. You left me with Mulberry Wine so I'm a happy girl.

Sorry I couldn't make it this time Lissa. I even have produce to share! We have embarked on our swale building so I went off to Kumbartcho to buy some native grasses etc and then started to plant them. 

I would love to host one of these down the track too. :)


Never mind Bernadette, another time hopefully. We would love to come visit your garden and see what you've been up to.

Your garden is even more lovely to be in than look at in photos. Thank you so much for having us. It was delightful. Also to Roz for her cake to die for. I forgot the recipe :( all my cuttings are in - thx Lissa.
Ps. Just used the wintermelon in a stir fry for dinner - completely yummy!

Thanks Liz :) Let me know if anything dies on you and we'll replace it.

Great stuff with the WM. Don't forget to save and share the seed.

Will do :)

Thanks Lissa for hosting a wonderful and informative GV. So many edible plants I've never even heard of.

What was the name of the red leaf one of the Hibiscus family. I also have the big leaf one and the one with long finger like leaves. They were all growing near each other.

A truly amazing and well laid out garden. The muffins were good, hey.

Lovely to see everybody.

Thanks Kathryn :)

The common name for the red one is Cranberry Hibiscus, if you google you can find the scientific name. The other two are both forms of Aibika.

The muffins were delish :D

See you next month.


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