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Wow! Despite the horrendously hot day we had the biggest turnout yet for a garden visit. I didn't count heads (did anyone else?) but there must have been 30 plus adults and children. So many new faces but familiar names from the BLF website.

Thank you all for coming out on such a hot day to make it a wonderful morning with lots of animated conversation, goodies to share, both food and drink and swapping of plants, seed, eggs and more. Just incredible. Well done to everyone.

The biggest thank you to Nina and her husband for allowing us to come enmasse to their home and even providing wine and liquer glasses to taste test Andy's liquer and James' wine. I hope we didn't leave too much mess - thank you to the folk who helped to tidy up.

Here's some pics. Considering how bright the day was they didn't turn out too badly. Nina, I'm sorry, of three pics of you your eyes are closed in two.

I hope you all came away with something positive from the day.

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Thanks again to Nina and her husband and and also to you Lissa for starting this group. I had a really good morning. It was great putting names to faces and getting to know people. I was feeling a little reluctant to go this morning as I don't feel like a very competent gardener but it was very inspiring and everyone was really friendly and I even made my first photo post. Thanks for inspiring us all and I look forward to the next garden visit. For those who asked I have posted recipes also.

Terrific! I put my 'thank you' under the actual visit which will get lost - hadn't thought of that - when the day clicks over to the next day.

"Comment by Elaine coolowl 2 hours ago

Thank you Nina for your hospitality and comfy chairs! :-) Wonderful company - some longer-term members, some newer members - a good mix. Fabulous food and drinks, too. Great party: a combination of gardening and eating, does it get any better? :-)"

It really was terrific.  *Andy mutters to himself - damn, that Nina set the bar pretty high*

I REALLY like that we all do such different stuff. It feels like no matter what you want to get into, a few people do it so there is going to be help at hand.  It's great to be able to put faces to names as well.  I am now off to make some purple onion feta!

That's what we normally do after all.

The good part about having the group is I can start a new "discussion" to cover each of the garden visits. Good for checking back on pics etc.

Thank you so much Lissa for organising and Nina for opening up your home. I had a ball. It was so great to be surrounded by so many like minded people who all had so much to share and input. LOVED the wines and liquors... also really appreciate all the giveaways. Again, big thanks. Nice to put faces to names, too.

I concur thank you for having us Nina. Great to meet you all and very impressed with the local produce especially the booze!

Sorry i had to eave early but here are my thoughts. I would certainly be capitalizing on the existing garden bed beside your winding driveway. Obviously 'dial before you dig' especially because it's at the front of your house and it's likely your phone and power cables run besides your driveway. I would loosen up the soil, add manure and or an organic soil if you have the money and get it ready for Autumn planting. Some more fruit trees to accompany the fig would look great and really enhance that medaterainien feel of your house.

Maybe some crawlers like melon and pumpkin would fit nicely into that area? I can't remember how much tree shade you had in the front yard but there looked like some good planting areas there too. Depending on how serious you are you could put some raised beds straight onto the concrete in that basketball court that we were mingling in.

The chickens need something in their coop. I have banana trees in mine and I can dig you out one of the small ones if you want it? Runner beans or passionfruit planted outside of the coop in those gaps between the concrete would give them some greens.

Happy to give you a hand to get started if you want.


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