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First GV for our new season. Great to see new members and yet-to-be members participating in the discussions and the swap table.

Our swap table is free and easy: 'If you have it, bring some to share; if you want it, take what you need'. If only we could run our society like that!

Excellent table of tasty munchies - it never ceases to amaze me the creative ways our members find to make portable food. And what's more, there is always a good variety of savoury and sweet - never a table full of cakes (or sausage rolls)!

Thank you to Lissa for revitalising the Garden Visits, the BLF clan has gone from strength to strength with members stepping up when needed.

Now for a pic or four ...

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I had a great time today at Lissa's what a bountiful supply of fruit and vegs Everywhere you look there was something else to take your eye Figs I have not seen them for a while. The raised garden beds were full of tantalising plants. Thank you again Lisa's for taking us around you garden and showing and sharing what you have. Your bees too were well mannered and quietly going around their business..Lovely seeing friends again. 

Truly a big thank you to everyone who came. What a great turn out! Lots of great discussions going on, plants and produce to swap. It was a very good morning :D

Here is my photographic contribution.

The crowds!  It was a very well attended visit.

Lissa is a proponent, some might say expert, of the raised bed:

Her capacity towards productive projects cannot be denied:

But, she also has quite the artistic side (which even the native bees approve of):

Thanks Lissa for opening your garden to us! Being relatively new to the home garden scene, it was great to see all the different plants growing together on the suburban block - there's hope for the rest of us yet... :)

It was also really lovely to meet other people who are like-minded about gardens, and have all sorts of different knowledge to share. :)

It was good to have you there Bron :)

I think if nothing else my little backyard does show just how much we can squeeze in without it seeming to be overcrowded. I've been in some gardens that were like jungles that we had to fight our way through. Choosing appropriate plants and planting them in the right spot seems to be the key.

Lovely photos Andy :) It's always good to look at the garden through someone elses eye. The spots on the Tamarillo fruit are due to the last hail storm if anyone is interested. Won't affect the flavour of the fruit.

Thankyou, Lissa, for having us at your place yesterday - it was a very inspiring visit, full of plants I hadn't seen before (although that's not unusual, I'm not - YET - much of a gardener!), and good to be able to take home some produce if so desired! (Next time, hopefully, I'll be able to provide YOU with more than a couple of spinach leaves for garnish, in return!) ;)

I'm sorry we couldn't stay longer yesterday (and also say thanks and goodbye for the day) as we had another function to attend (picnic at Simpson Falls - WHAT a lovely day we had!). We hope to see you - and all the other lovely people we met - again soon!

Cheers - Lainie.

Thank you for coming Lainie :)

The packet of spinach leaves will be added to dinner one night, but you only ever need bring something to share or swap if you have excess. Not your entire crop! lol

Where is Simpson Falls? Sounds like somewhere I should visit with my kids and grandson.

:D The spinach leaves (and the two tiny sprigs of thyme in there as well!) WERE excess, Lissa; because I hardly ever remember to harvest and use my scant produce, even while they're growing on my balcony! (Yes, that's how much of a gardener I am at the moment! Hopefully, I'LL LEARN!) I'd rather see SOMEONE use them; your garden visit prompted me to cut those, that's all!

Simpson Falls is at the base of Mt Coot-tha; lovely spot, near JC Slaughter Falls, but apparently has more picnic tables and barbecues (walking tracks, toilets, etc. etc. - and, I was told, 'an unofficial dog off-leash area' ;) ) Here's a link for you about it:

Oh, and the snakes seemingly love it up there too; someone in our group saw 'a 5ft black snake' on the track during his walk!...

Thanks for the link Lainie. There are so many great places within cooee of us here.


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