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What a feast today. Beautiful cakes and muffins. Teas of all kinds and most of all great company.

Paul took us in small groups to see the beehives at the top of his garden. Slowly we made our way through the bees' flight path. What a wealth of information! Whilst Paul opens the contraption, the bees diligently continue their relentless work flying in and out as far as 6 km away.

One of Paul' beehive contains about 20,000 bees and produces as much as 60kg a year, not to mention wax, propolis, combs. The honey available for tasting just melted in our mouth and for a moment we were just transported in heaven.

Our visit continued rythmed by the quiet trickle of Paul's pond. Sustained with a solar pump, the pond hosts small fish, beautiful lillies and we are told loads more frogs to join with the warmer days ahead.

A small glimpse of vertical garden on our exit offered an interesting insight into a new experimental way to grow plants in small spaces.

Thanks you Paul for a wonderful begining to our weekend and see you at the next visits!

The feast

The contraption

Extracting the honey through a double filter, first a bucket with holes, then a fine mesh.

The wax.

The pond with all the wetland plants.

The vertical gardening (Sorry I can't get the picture to go vertical...O)

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Thank you Paul. Wonderful things happen when we get people together - I love to see that light bulb moment, or people having a good in-depth conversation about some self-sufficiency topic. Or people with the same interests "discovering" each other. A morning really isn't enough.

A GV seems like such a simple thing but brings people together in a very basic way to share (knowledge, food!).

Looks like I can't edit Valerie's discussion to add the pics to the main bit.

Valerie, I'll contact you re getting your email addy and send on Pauls email with the photos attached, if you wouldn't mind editing them into your report :). Thank you.

A couple of people I talked to yesterday were in the early stages of garden design – you might like to check out . …A great way to learn and get your edible garden up and running with a bunch of willing helpers.

Have you had some doings with the blitz group Paul?

Yes I'm a member....recommended 

What's a blitz group?

A big thank you to Paul's partner Pernilla too for being such a wonderful host and taking many, if not all, of the photos :)

Wow!  Paul, your garden looks STUNNING!

thanks Andrew :)

Simply stunning thanks so much Paul :) Best way to energise on a bright Saturday morning - warm sunshine, fascinating info, beautiful garden and views, some familiar and new faces... wonderful! 

such a lovely morning (and lovely bees!) and a great introduction to the garden visits. William cannot keep his hands off the honey. Thanks to all and hopefully we can tag along again soon.

I have advertised the sunglasses found on the day, but noone has claimed them yet. I'll bring them to the next GV.


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