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Link to the post-event posts which will be less easily found once the date has passed.

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This is BLF Reporter and Official Photographer providing the evidence... um.. no.. I mean "report"... on the 2013 Christmas Garden Event, graciously hosted by Nina and Paul.  

The day commenced with a Larder of Love:

Which some people seemed to enjoy more than others:

Then, there was our Best Ever BLF Raffle - and I can say that with my hand on my heart:

This inevitably resulted in some Winners and some Grinners!

There was also our first ever, BLF Modellng Competition.  Yes, I had been put on a secret mission by the BLF staff to find the model with the highest prospects.  And, competition was fierce!

But, there could only ever be one Winner, one beauty beyond all others.  In true gender equity style, our first winner ever was a Male:

Someone told me there was a garden visit, but I was busy chatting up the modelling winner:

OUCH!  No Rozie... I meant chatting WITH the dog... honest... 

(You reckon I'll be the first ever fully paid BLF staff member??  Nah, me either...)

Andy C

Cool, Andy! I always thought I was a dork, now I know for sure, and a 'griner' to boot ;-)

LOL.  Ah, but you gotta admit Elaine - we have heart and soul.  It's such a wonderful collection of folks. 

It is! And as much as I enjoyed 30 years in dog clubs, the open-hearted and sharing nature of the gardening fraternity is beyond wonderful.

A totally biassed view of some of the scrumptious snacks:

(Joseph's own-grown Edamame and Andy's home-made blue cheese and jams)

and in ernest conversation:

A ripping roll-up and a fabulous morning; to say nothing of the surprise of a certificate and voucher from Farina!

Thank you Andy for the great pictures . It was a lovely day and you have captured it perfectly. Really enjoyed all the goodies you bought to share. How complicated ( honestly ) is it to make that delicious blue cheese ? Such a treat ! Best wishes to you and your Rozie for Christmas ;)

Looking forward to the banana chutney. A win for me . Glad we were placed  in the Grinners catagory, an honour I would say !!

Thanks for sending the link for the lab club.

See you next year. Have a great Christmas

You really captured the day Andy :D

Thank you so much to Nina and Paul for having us over and being such wonderful hosts. Hope you weren't left with too much mess to clean up!

Thank you for the eggs, thank you Janet and William for the Taro and vermiculite. Thank you to Andy and James for bringing along their delicious alcoholic beverages which I found, even by the tiny weeny glassful can make one a bit tipsy. Thank you to the visitors who came from distance to be with us. Thank you for my Bunnings voucher Farina :) The Christmas gift swap was a lot of fun too, thank you to my helper Elliot.

To all the others who couldn't be with us in person you were with us in spirit and we wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year.

Happy gardening.

Thank you Lissa for all your help.

A great day had by everyone. We had a fantastic time and lots of laughs ! It is such a pleasure meeting members for the first time and also reconnecting with friends. Long may it continue.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Nina, Paul and Angus ( No 1 Dog )

That's the beauty of BLF - locals meeting locals... Thank you Nina and Paul for hosting, and thank you all for a lovely morning.. My first year with BLF and first official garden visit, and you all made it so welcoming... :) Have a lovely and safe Christmas, and to more better years with this community!

We had a fun time and wish we could stay for the raffle.

Thanks Lissa and Farina for doing all the hard work behind each garden visit. I learn so much from everyone and it's great to meet people who are just as crazy about gardening as me.

Love your garden Nina and Paul especially the 5-star chook house. Thanks very much for having us. William just couldn't help laughing about the ABC Edamame (ABC stands for Already Been Chewed!)

It was good to meet you both. I am still laughing about the Edamame incident ! For those who did not hear about it.... Barb and I decided to try the beans and were quite disappointed that every bean we picked  up was empty . We then realised that a nice dish of beans was sitting on the table and we had both been chewing away at the previously devoured beans !! 

ha ha ha... :)


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