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Usually the site loads alright but just in the last few days ...

When I login, I get posts from Friday or Jan 18 or some other day which is not today.

I have cleared the cache (many times), re-started browser, re-started computer.
Sometimes I can get to today's posts by going somewhere else e.g. pix or events and sometimes not.

Weirdly I can see today's posts before I login but not after without a lot of hoopla.

Has anything like this happened for you? It's been going on these last several days.

But just now (naturally!) everything loaded correctly after I signed in.

And if Farina is no longer dealing with technical matters, would it be a good time to change ownership of the site?

I note that to advise Admin of an error, the note goes to Farina. If she's not dealing with it now then people who don't know of Andy's involvement could be sending in error reports and they are not being sent on.

PS: just after I posted this discussion, I went back to the front page to see if anything else was new and look at what I got (a couple of minutes ago):

That's what I mean - posts from DAYS ago!

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On that note, I shall now enjoy a rum. Thank goodness.


Fingers crossed, things have improved at this end so far.  Hard to understand how it all works. Thanks for helping out Andrew.



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