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Usually the site loads alright but just in the last few days ...

When I login, I get posts from Friday or Jan 18 or some other day which is not today.

I have cleared the cache (many times), re-started browser, re-started computer.
Sometimes I can get to today's posts by going somewhere else e.g. pix or events and sometimes not.

Weirdly I can see today's posts before I login but not after without a lot of hoopla.

Has anything like this happened for you? It's been going on these last several days.

But just now (naturally!) everything loaded correctly after I signed in.

And if Farina is no longer dealing with technical matters, would it be a good time to change ownership of the site?

I note that to advise Admin of an error, the note goes to Farina. If she's not dealing with it now then people who don't know of Andy's involvement could be sending in error reports and they are not being sent on.

PS: just after I posted this discussion, I went back to the front page to see if anything else was new and look at what I got (a couple of minutes ago):

That's what I mean - posts from DAYS ago!

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Might be a good idea to draw Andy's attention to this issue Elaine. 

I personally haven't had any problems. These things work in mysterious ways!

It was Andy's suggestion that I post to this particular group.

Andy wanted to see if was a common problem.  

This happens to me sometimes also but usually goes away after refreshing. No idea why, just put it down to Ning

I have but if it continues I will be minus quite a lot of hair. So Ning should fix whatever it is with their caching system but they can't fix something they know nothing about.

I have had exactly the same thing happen, Elaine.   Did the same tricks and cleared history.  

I got the same as Elaine a few minutes ago and now am getting the latest.  (I was alerted to the thread via email)

I'd suspect it is ning dong things with their database(s) and loadsharing so you might be getting different results from different databases that are more out of kilter than usual.  Facebook, google etc do the same. Nothing specific to BLF.

I have on occasions, in the last few days been finding that when I get onto the home page the first comments I see are ones from hours ago. I know this because I have put comments in myself and they aren't there and take quite a while to catch up.

Not using either FB or Google, I have not met anything like this before. Twitter doesn't serve up week-old posts.

Doesn't matter if you use them.  I meant it's the big database driven websites. Most people assume that it's all coming from one place so should be consistent but really they have several versions to spread the load on their servers and all might have a slightly different version.
Mind you FB and G are even worse because they manipulate what you see depending on their profile of you and past behaviour - hence the filter bubbles.  I use
More on filter bubbles at:

Weirdly these days of last weeks posts are quite recent after a couple of months of almost-perfect working of BLF.

I use DuckDuckGo too :-)

Probably a northern hemisphere and timezone thing - they think they are doing updates out-of-hours in quiet times.  I'm still amazed when people tell me the best time to do something online is at 9am.  9am where?


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