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The document has been revised as suggested.  It includes the QR Code (thanks Rob) and the heading broken up (thanks Dave).  Pictures had to be shrunk a bit. 

They only need three laminated copies which I can do for us once the text is agreed. 

Final Document (hopefully)

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Fine, would love a pic - thousand words and all that. Prefer 'and' to '&' and there's spaces around the /. Being picky but I do like perfection ;-)

Three copies - are they going to be on someone else's stall? Need to be chained down or they will disappear. I'm not joking.

There's nothing there on a link in a new tab; downloaded OK though.

Thanks Elaine.  I thought the same about a pic.  I might even try to add one of the nicest site headers as a header on the document.  That could be nice.  They will be displayed around the "garden area display."  Not sure what that means, but I'm happy given it is free. LOL. 

I'll look for ampersands and spare spaces.  

HI Andy - I was at the Herb Society meeting on Tuesday night (thinking about joining) and they were talking about their display at the EKKA.  One of the members seemed to be highly involved and mentioned that the garden display area is in and around the old museum

Cheers for that.  

That's terrific Andy.

Definitely some colour/pic needed. 

Thanks Lissa. 

Right more thoughts: colour pic, preferably with a small mountain of produce e.g.dang, cannot find the one I had in mind. OK so some closeups - seen at a distance probably more easily seen than a lot of small stuff. Eg (this time!) Phil's Ginger, Rob's Orange Turkish Eggplant, Cranberry Hibiscus Flowers.

AND can you generate one of those square thingies with the holes in it :-\ it's like a bar-code in that it carries info but it's the next generation. Anyway, people with smart phones can read them and if the BLF url is in that thing, they will have a record of it rather than standing there keying in a long url. Gotta make it easy for people or they won't bother.

Wow. High tech.

That's why I didn't include a URL - I just went with google Brisbane Local Food.  I doubt I can do the barcode thing.  I'll play with photos.  

What is that thingy called? Doubt Googling 'thingy' will get me far ;-)

It's a QR code. Essentially, it's a two way (horizontal and vertical) barcode which allows data capture - like a video url address. 

Revised text with pictures now provided in the original link. 


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