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I was contacted by Sarah, a uni student with an interest in self sustainability and food growing.  She needs to find an non for profit that does not have a marketing or communications plan. That's where we come in.  

Her message: 

I have been meaning to ask you about some of the goals/target (short and long term) of the Local Growers organisation and what are some of results that you would like to see out of a Public Relations plan (noting it is very communication and engagement focused). I’d love to come and see what the organisation does if there is an opportunity to do so. Otherwise it would just be great gain a strategic direction from you.

 Just to keep you in the loop, as part of my assessment criteria – I am required to submit the plan outline to you in the next 2/3 weeks, receive feedback from you and then complete the final document for submission to the uni and returned for your perusal.

My response;

I’ve attached the only promo material the group ever produced (to my knowledge). It was for a pamphlet used at a display of local gardening groups at the RNA during the Ekka.

Clearly, our goals are around helping people to live sustainably. This is most obvious through our focus on growing your own food.  The site has the aim of reducing food miles, increasing food security at a household level and improving the earth (even if just at a household level).  We encourage organic practices: recycling and reusing, composting, rainwater collection, and solar power to improve the health of our soil and crop yields and to decrease our negative footprint on the planet.

Brisbane Local Food doesn’t mind how much or little its members want to contribute, and everyone with an interest is welcomed.  There are members with expertise in most areas so people should feel free to ask for help, and to equally to share their successes.  The informal nature of the group makes it a great place to connect with heaps of like minded people, or just a few who share your specific interests.  “Groups” within the site make this easy. For example, we have cheese makers, bakers, fish farmers, and a poultry group.

So:  I have asked Sarah to come to Kathie's garden visit to talk about her proposal and to see how we operate (and what amazing, wonderful, talented, good looking folks we really are!). 

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Well described Andy. I hope Sarah's visit to the GV provides the info she is looking for and she comes up with something genuinely useful to BLF.



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