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I'll try to keep a long story short.  For months, Farina (previous site owner) and I have been trying to do a site hand-over.  

As part of that process, it became clear to me that BLF has not been running paid advertisements for at least 12-18 months.  The paid adds were meant to fund the site.  That means Farina and I have covered the cost of web hosting for that time (mostly Farina, to be honest).  

After many problems, I have finally managed to get the site to a stage where adds are showing again.  THIS WILL IMPACT ON THE SITE'S APPEARANCE.  You will see links on certain key words in posts etc.  I've tried to keep it to a minimum but the original model for the site (made by Scarlet) was that it would pay for itself.  I'm hoping eventually to return us to a profit so we can give awards etc again at Christmas.  

Our current adds are by a company called Infolinks.  Here is their blurb: "Infolinks offers a variety of ad solutions to monetize websites of all levels. Each product is backed by In³, the Infolinks platform, which delivers relevant and high-quality ads. The unique ad placement and maximized relevance empowers Infolinks to overcome the common obstacle of banner blindness which was born out of conventional ad placement and irrelevant messaging. It is completely free and simple to implement Infolinks ads onto websites and blogs."

If you find an add you are interested in, click it.  Don't click stuff you aren't interested in because it will score us badly in terms of Infolinks take-up.  

Thanks for understanding.  


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Oh well I would have contributed had I known. I use and ad-blocker and will continue to do so. Most ads are so totally irrelevant I am surprised the companies concerned are prepared to pay for them.

We have had this discussion before and for whatever reason/s the decision was made to use ads to fund the site. Personally I'd be happy to contribute and if I'm one of three or four who fund the site, then so be it. I do not expect everyone to contribute or even a majority to do so. Reality most folks expect something for nothing and I'm not immune to that. Especially as the first several years this site was free as Ning did not ask for hosting costs. Inevitably that would change anyway. The site costing is not so great surely that a few of us cannot make an annual donation rather than have irrelevant ads plastered on the site and active links to overseas companies selling stuff we can buy here. Well I've had my rant and my ad-blocker stays.

Great outcome Andy. Well done to you both for hanging in there all this time.

Many thanks to both you and Farina for working on this outcome.  I did't realize you guys were paying for it.

No, please get rid of infolnks asap.  Would it work if we all just put in a gold coin at the GV?
Except the host each time.

That Infolinks is deadly. Cannot click it off. Don't want to be taken to a site I have no interest in. If it stays, I go. Happy to contribute $s to this site rather than that. Yecch.

Yep.  Closing the browser is the way to go.  Don't trust their No button.

Ah but it wouldn't close when I clicked on the X top left. Close the browser then you lose contact with BLF?

This time I logged in nothing is there. Hmmm.

I did not realise that we could have contributed to this site.  As I am a user I don't mind making a donation either at GV's or annually.

Thanks to the invisable workers behind the scenes.

Discussion closed.  I'll do a new one asking what people would like. 


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