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I want to be quite transparent with the site's finances. As a result, I intend to publish annual financial statements.  

This raises a few questions;  

1.  If you donated money, do you want me to hide your name or are you happy to let people know that you have supported our little community.  I will use your responses individually. So it might look like this:  Andy: $25 donation on 1 May.  Annon: $50 on 3 May.  

2.  Unless people complain like heck, I intend to publish raffle results.  They will look like this:  Andy raffle 1 May for booze: $25.  Dianne:  3 May for Cumquat goodies: $25.  

3.  We have the regular $25 ning expense on a monthly basis.  Remember we have canned ads.  They will of course show on the statements.

4.   If any "weird" expense show that I think we should all pay for then I will post about it and publish that too.  There are none so far.  

Feel free to share your thoughts. 


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I do not mind that you say we donate to the BLF, with our Name and Amount showing.. Thanks Andy...

Thanks Dianne. 

I want to donate without using Paypal.

I really don't like it.

So can we have a direct debit option so I can reward his Nibs?

That way too I can set up a regular payment.

I can send you a pm with the account details.  I will boldly suggest you don't set up a regular transfer.  I'm hoping to mostly fund the site by raffle.  Um... maybe... hopefully... 

The banks are changing how you pay bsb and account are on the way out  the new system you have a payid  which can be your email address or phone number or  abn  if you do not want to use paypal the other option is to give cash to someone who has an account  and get them to send by pay pal.

I do not mind as well Andy, same as Dianne.

Thanks Christa.  

It all looks very fair. Transparency is very good. You're welcome to mention my name.

I'll put the first set up in early January 2019.  It's a roughly 6 month account from late May when I started talking about it to end of December 2018.  We seem to be okay. 

Okay... I now have enough info to do a jolly Christmas post about our finances (thanks Dianne for the raffle results).  We will be strong over the holiday season.  This result really does say something wonderful about you folks and your love of gardening, the environment, local food and this little community.  

Brisbane Local Food Finances
Item Date Amount Balance
Donation Dianne Caswell 31-05-18 $50.00 $50.00
Donation Valerie deJamblinne 31-05-18 $25.00 $75.00
Donation Elaine deSaxe 31-05-18 $25.00 $100.00
Donation Lissa Clayton 31-05-18 $20.00 $120.00
Ning payment 01-06-18 -$25.00 $95.00
Donation Christa White 03-06-18 $60.00 $155.00
Ning payment 02-07.18 -$25.00 $130.00
Donation Anne  14-07-18 $20.00 $150.00
Raffle - Cumquatcello by Andy 14-07-18 $32.00 $182.00
Donation Roger Clark 16-07-18 $25.00 $207.00
Ning payment 03-08-18 -$25.00 $182.00
Ning payment 03-09-18 -$25.00 $157.00
Ning payment 03-10-18 -$25.00 $132.00
Ning payment 03-11-18 -$25.00 $107.00
Raffle - Cumquat delights by Dianne 22-11-18 $25.00 $132.00
Ning payment 03-12-18 -$25.00 $107.00
Donation Cathy Mclean 09-12-18 $10.00 $117.00
Donation Susan 09-12-18 $25.00 $142.00
Raffle - Xmas fun by Dianne 09-12-18 $25.00 $167.00

Hi Andy, The raffles were Donated by Valerie for the Christmas Raffle.


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