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BLF is experiencing some email issues.  The problem impacts some members and not others.  I've been attempting to test how wide spread the issue is and will contact support tonight. 


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Could anyone affected by this issue please check your spam folder.  Ning has tracked the messages and they are going to your accounts.  The most likely answer is that your ISP is marking them as spam.  

I have sent email to Susan and Elaine and I don't think they have received them.  Your email message would not go through as a reply , this morning, so we will see what happens to this reply.

Oh dear - there's no email from you (or anyone else!) on this Forum today, Christa. Electronic dead letter office :-(

I'll send a few test emails again tonight.  To be clear - please check your normal email accounts not your inbox here.  The site is meant to email you to tell you that you have a message. 

If there were any e-mails sent to me, I have not received them

Email issues update:  

Can those folks attending Sophie's garden visit on Sunday let me know if they got Dianne's email.  It is the perfect test because there won't be a message in our inboxes only by email.  I never got notified.  This seems to be a sporadic kind of issue which is not obvious to the people at Ning.  The more clues I can give them, the better. 

So far, Dianne gets nothing from me.  I get nothing from Dianne.  I can get an email to go to Christa and Elaine.

I'm sorry if I don't seem like I'm on the ball with the email issue but I have a quite serious Ning issue progressing in the background as well.    

Got your notification on home email, but nothing on BLF inbox, and I did not receive GV address yet, even though I saw that Dianne sent it.

Gee! It must be frustrating for you Andrew.

Hi Andy, I did not get the bulk email from Dianne with Sophie’s address. I also did not get the test email to my home email address but weirdly, got elaine’s Reply to it. 

That's very helpful.  Thanks.  


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