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Following along the lines my thinking about funding the site, I reckon that I'd like to be able to buy some Brisbane Local Food merchandise.  I'm thinking tee shirts, hoodies, cups, magnets or similar.  I started looking to design some things but we don't have a standard logo, unless you count the facebook one which I'm not all that excited about.  

And so came a dream:  

For those who are interested, let's have a crack a designing a new BLF logo.  It needs to be square: 5x5 or 10x10 inches (not centimeters) is good.  The idea is that we can add text to make it all fit any product at all.    

Please leave space around the edges in case we need to resize for funny shaped things like cups.  Please make the file a .jpg or .jpeg. 

The logo should (but not "must") include the name Brisbane Local Food.  It can be as pretty or as simple as you choose.  My plan is to put any suggestions out for a vote. 

After that, I'll use that logo to design multiple products.  Folks don't need to buy any - unless like me, you think you'll get something that you really love.  

Feel free to attach files with (or include them in) your responses.  Multiple entries are fine, up to 5 per person.  Remember, you will have backgrounds of different colours in the products.  

I'm actually quite excited by the idea.  Closing date is 30 June 2018.  

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Cool huh? I'm excited too - not that 'design' is one of my skills. Were you thinking of just having the logo available as a computer file for people to print and attach to whatever clothing? Or having it professionally done so it can be ironed on (speaking as someone without a colour printer, the latter would suit better).

I'll use the logo to make all sorts of professionally done (but inexpensive) merchandise available for order through Cafepress.  We need to make sure our branding is consistent Elaine.... we are about to go national!.. hell no... global!

Why stop at global? ;-)

Here is my (and so far our only) entry!

Oh.... and the original.

I should live so long ... getting my head around some new graphic software. Don't hold your breath waiting for me!

If you're planning on putting it on different items I figure the design needs to be simple and bold so it can be seen even if small.

Nice work Dave. 

Nothing is set, mind you. Elements can be moved around.

The issues are:

  • Do you want a  banner or a square?
  • How will it be used?
  • Does it need background? Or a frame?
  • How many colours are ruled by its intended usage? (T-shirts are cheaper in limited colour range.)
  • What are the primary messages? Name? Association? Brisbane? Local? Food? BLF? Full Name?

I used an old 1900 seed catalogue image and fiddled. So no copyright problems.

I asked myself,"food?" And thought a tomato is a good answer as that's a key plant to grow locally. Greens don't make great graphics and many root veg don't thrive in Brisbane. Some are very Winter dependent. An image of Brisbane is a cityscape. Not everyone lives in a Queenslander. Backyards all look different. An image of the suburbs doesn't have much 'grow veg' meaning.

Maybe a mango tree -- but how would the viewer know it is a mango? And what does 'a tree' tell us about 'locally grown'?

So, I thought, why not claim the tomato?

However, if we wanted to offer a bowl of fruit and veg -- what would we include that is representative of local food as per BLF?

That's another option.

I was going to have a tinker with your second one, and move something similar to a transparent .png background.  I'm trying to find a font like the original logo one (in honour of Scarlet and Farina).  I thought I'd match the first letter colour to the colour of the tomatoes.  

I'm working in squares.  Vistaprint offers simple tees with either the logo small on the front right, or you can add your name on the front right and the logo on the back middle for about $13. 

ok.. I'm having a play with a logo but have gone for a totally different concept to you boys.  Maybe too busy but i was trying to incorporate our city with the theme. Not fixed on the colour scheme but liked shades of green and just pulled them from the pics which were just the first few I had handy. It was fun to play.

Very nice indeed! Viva 'la differencia!


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