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In the "happy to discuss" tradition of BLF, I thought I'd start a discussion about how we want to fund the site.  

Originally, the site was funded through google adsense (paid adverts).  From what I remember, it was pretty unobtrusive in the old days.  I have an adsense account but it won't work with ning.  

I thought I'd follow the same notion and had a go using Infolinks adds.   They were anything but unobtrusive, so I have removed the code from the site (banished it to the bowls of hell).

This does leave the question of how we want to host the site.  The current cost is $25 per month.  It's not really an option to change hosts - we would lose everything.  Bear in mind also that we are using their software - site design, forum software, pictures etc etc etc.  They are sometimes painful to deal with, but they do pretty much manage all the background stuff well. 

My aim with infolinks was to try to get something that we didn't have to even think about.  I'm reluctant to try another advertising mob because they are probably all the same. 

We've had a few suggestions so far:

  1. gold coin donations at garden visits
  2. the occasional, "I'll flick Andy a few bucks for the site" donation
  3. try to find a sponsor/sell advertising space directly (although it would be work to do so).  For example, if you look towards the bottom of the site we sponsor Jodie's ad for free - Fresh Local Provisions. 

Anyone got any other ideas?  Any opinions?  What?  No - regardless of my naked gardening photos, I will not become a BLF stripper!  

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The donation link worked well. The "DONATE" button is a bit obscured. And as previously pointed out the donation comes out in USD not Australian.

As indeed it is in Opera for Mac:

At least it can be seen, more than can be said for Safari for Mac.

I can see on my safari.  It is probably being blocked by one of your privacy settings.  It's minefield these days and the recent GDPR changes have raised the stakes again. 

Is the app a paypal one? Or ning, or someone else?

You can also log into your paypal account and send money to an email address. That would mean andy letting everyone know his email address.  Or he could set up a second email address and attach it to his paypal account. 

There's not much to be said for privacy settings in Safari - the only one which makes any sense is 'Deny' to Safari letting BLF know my location.

Not sure about your second para, perhaps not a question for me?

The link goes directly to Andy's PP account atm.

The app is a third party one.  I'll see if I can add a direct link to my paypal later tonight.  

Holy heck - that means our $5 US donation will be worth $4.6 million AUD!!!  LOL.  Thanks Lissa.  I hadn't donated myself - funny that it comes out in US when my paypal is in AUD.  

And it's not as though there was an option. Sometimes with PP you can choose the currency. I suspect that US$s is their default.

Issue now fixed Elaine!  I put up a new discussion about our wonderful site. 

Hi Andrew, If you make it direct to your account - Do we need to be PP Members if that is the case we won't be able to do it that way as we don't have a PP account and we are not prepared to open one. When ever we pay for something we pay by CC. 

Dianne afaik, you can use PP without being a member. I recall seeing notes like 'not a PP member? Use your CC' might be worth a look. I'm a long-term PP member and use it for almost everything. Private people not being traders usually cannot accept CC payments. Or might be simpler to pay Andy in cash at the next GV.

You can set up a recurring payment in PayPal Dave if that is useful for you.

There is always a solution! ;-)

May I have a lend of that thingy you found which makes $5US into 4.6million Au$s? Sounds like a 'must have' ;-)

Not quite that big a difference in the exchange rate lol.

$20USD translated into $27+AUS.


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