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I have been contacted and asked if Brisbane Local Food would like to have an "information stall" at the Ekka, in the horticultural area.  

We could put together some printed info on all sorts of things, not the least of which would be to advertise our exclusive but wonderful network here.  Whilst I'm not big on giving out complements, you folks have wonderful garden visits, heaps of knowledge and info, and actually are a pretty darn fine bunch.  

Some of you have products - mulch and the like.  Others offer teaching and free video instructions (me).  Some have links with amazing community orgs and gardens that might like the publicity. 

However, it might also mean that we might have to staff said stall.  I will seek further clarification of this when I contact them again.

My initial question is: are you interested?  Would you donate a shift to support it?  Do you think an info stall for our site makes sense?

Give me an indication of your thoughts please.  It might be a terrific way to boost our network but..... 


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One step at a time.

I will contact them and let them know we really would just like to display some printed material at this stage.  If I use existing text from the site and images we've posted, it should be cheap enough (I'll probably pay for the print run) and won't offend anyone or need a great deal of discussion (it's already been used).

Given the much reduced approach, I am not concerned about GV numbers,  nor membership numbers.  If worst comes to worst, I'll share my spreadsheet with the other admins and we can knock a few long term folks who haven't been back for years, off our lists.  Like Phil says, not many people front for the visits (which surprises me given how much us old regulars enjoy them!).  We need to keep quiet about the quality of the food.  LOL. 

If that all works, we can talk about getting involved with some local stuff like Susan suggested.  I like the sound of that, but don't want to kill any of us in the process.  

As much as it is not in my nature, steady as she goes might be the best plan.  

Good one Andrew, that's the way to go. Maybe if we all pitch in a few $ to help with the printing costs & other promotional materials, we would then have a few things ready for display at events, i.e. Local shows.

I think we need to ask ourselves, do we really need to be going down this road, and for what reasons would we be doing it for.

Maybe we should be thinking about staying on the WWW by setting up a Face Book Page or Group, there's no cost to it, and linking it from this site. Just a thought.

There is a FB page linked to this group already Kathryn. Doesn't get used all that much.

I haven't been receiving emails about BLF Futures so have not been able to comment until today.

There are many valid points that have been put forward. I have very mixed feelings about Info Stalls as we have been involved with many. I have been involved on the Qld Council of Garden Clubs Cloak Room and Plant Drop Off Area in a past life before illness got me. It was as hectic as hell but productive, it was not aimed at Recruitment. I have however also been involved with FF of Aust Info Booths that were aimed at recruitment and in my 15 years setting up at 5.00am and going home around 6.00pm, I could honestly say that I could count on my fingers and toes how many Members we gained.

I know we don't actually NEED the members but perhaps we could look on having the Info Stall more as a tutorial on HOW to TRY and LIVE a more SUSTAINABLE LIFE, a Community Announcement of sorts, Something for people to Think about. 

We'v moved to an info display at someone else's stand Dianne.  I see you've already found that one too!

Has anyone heard how the Displays went at the EKKA?



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