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Taking into account feedback from previous posts, I am happy to advise that I have changed the donate/paypal link.  You now go directly to my paypal account and all donations are made in Australian dollars.  Now this link  Both the top tab "Keep BLF alive" and the side box "Support Brisbane Local Food" have been changed in this regard.  To those wonderful folk who donated in US dollars, rest assured that every cent of your money will be used to fund BLF.  Thank you so much!!

The site now also offers manually placed (by me) paid advertising for local businesses.  The rates are very affordable at $5 per month or 9 months for only $25. 

I intend to run a raffle at each garden visit that I attend.  Tickets will be $1 or 3 for $2.  The prize will be a home made item (some cheese, jam or other) or a bought item if I see something wonderful at a reasonable price.  Others are more than welcome to join in and I will rudely ask one of the admin folks (or myself) to coordinate this at each garden visit.  

Did you see that we are running a competition for the best new BLF logo?  design a logo comp  The winning logo will be printed on a range of BLF merchandise and accessories.  I don't know about you, but I kinda dig on the idea of owning a BLF hat or shirt.  

As always, feel free to chip in with ideas etc.  The current things were mostly suggest by you fine folks and I was happy to take them up.  Keep the ideas coming. 

We currently stand at almost 6 months' worth of subscriptions (to December this year) which is a fantastic effort by those loyal folks who donated.  Well done!  For the rest of us, any donation at any time you can afford it will help keep the site going. 

I also maintain a spreadsheet of all donations.  This is available for review at any time, provided you agree to meet strict conditions!  That is, you will not disclose the donation of any individual or provide information that could lead to this being determined.  Advertising will be included in this spreadsheet under the same conditions.  

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The latest funding info. is summarised in this thread. 

Sounds like the problem of income is mostly sorted Andy, well done :)

The advertising cost is very reasonable. Wish I had something to advertise!

The design a Logo thing is something I was very interested in some years back. I ran into the problem of design companies expect payment - quite hefty. Is there a way around this?

I reckon we can do it ourselves Lissa.  

Well done Andy, I am happy to help out with Raffle Selling and Raffle Items when needed and I am sure there would be some lovely Honey available for raffles from some of our wonderfully successful Bee Keepers....

Good on ya Dianne.  I suspect if we get a few of us making stuff for prizes, we'll all be busting to win them.  The site will fund itself!  LOL. 

Perhaps we could design a calendar with photos of members gardens for 2019 to sell to Members and Friends.

Well worth a thought. 

O... M... G... 

A naked garden day calendar!!!!!! I already have shots of Elaine, you, me and (kinda) Dave. 

Dianne said 'members gardens' not 'members derrieres' ;-\

Don't you go trying to talk up your modelling fee, Elaine!  (I always sound bold and brash, but jeez, I'd be embarrassed if those pix of me turned up in a calendar. LOL... shh.. our secret. )  

As would I. I'd be sticking to a cap before I wanted yet another calendar and one with ... yecch.

We could make the Calendar an interactive calendar for a computer one that we could put our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly gardening chores etc into. It could be our own Garden Chore Calendar for the year, eg. Watering, Fertilizing, Pruning, Spraying, Which Friendly Bugs to let go for each Season. I even have on my calendar - Sweep the front paths and stairs.

There may even be some software available for such a thing. I use my Outlook one, but would love to be able to add pictures, perhaps our very talented computer person might like to tell us if this is just another pipe dream of mine.

Also maybe at the end of the Calendar we could have space to upload a Copy of the Diary for us to keep on our copies of our Diary Blogs that we put on BLF Site. All this is only a suggestion. We could do this each year we produce a calendar.


Support Brisbane Local Food

Please support our Brisbane Local Food community.  Donations can be made directly to Andy's paypal account.  These are in Australian dollars.  Donations of $5 and above will be gratefully received and used only to pay for BLF web-hosting.  A donation of $25 will pay to host the site for a calendar month!

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