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The original posting went AWOL. Here is Greg's contact details.

Greg's Native Stingless Bees (Brighton - Greg) 0474 299 821


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I suppose $90 isn't too bad for a hive but I do think the prices are too expensive as I think we should be encouraging more people to have NBHs. Everytime we've split our hive we've given to family and friends.

Good on you for giving some of your hives away Juggsy. There are people on BLF who would love a SNB hive of their own if you ever have some spare.

Others might be depending on selling for their income. And the prices have come down substantially in the last few years. Hopefully they will come down more with more demand.

I'm new and interested in snb's I think they are good for the environment.Can anyone share their knowledge and hive with me please,regards Conrad (Macleay Island)

Hi Conrad.

We have a sub group called BEES - NATIVE AND HONEY. There's quite a bit of discussion and interesting links there - scroll down the page to DISCUSSION FORUM and you will see various topics that might interest you.

Check out WEBSITES & INFORMATION (also on the same page of the sub group) which has links to suppliers and specialist websites.

Not sure what you mean by "share their hive". If you mean provide you with a hive of your own that would be a bit more involved. Hive prices are coming down but are still quite expensive. People don't just give them away.

if anyone has a hive to sell I am willing to buy.

Check the links I gave you Conrad, they contain people who sell hives.

Someone in this group may see your request and have something to offer but you are much more likely to get a hive from someone who is already advertising that they sell them.

any hives still available

If you're referring to the original posting above then you will need to contact them, they aren't members here. The original posting seems to have gone AWOL as sometimes happens with stuff that has been C&P. I will fix it. Meanwhile, I have gone to the links I gave you earlier and found this info on sellers:

Scott Luttrell (Bob's son)  0423 892 773 Scott Luttrell

Greg's Native Stingless Bees (Brighton - Greg) 0474 299 821

Vertical split hives- Kevin - Brighton 3869 3770.

thanks Lissa


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