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I have been talking to Russell Zabel regarding - Native Bees - Austroplebeia australis, he has these available in logs or boxes at the moment.

He suggests that if buying the logs it is a good idea to stand the logs on a paver and screw it to a star picket or pole etc.

Russell and Janine Zabel are at Hatton Vale and website is

I am very interested in getting a log myself.

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The bees in photo are not Austroplebeia australis, they are the newly classified species, Austroplebeia Cincta from up north.

This link is a handy and recent revision .pdf document for Austroplebeia. 


A marvelous bit of research Rob, in that document. It is definitely a magnifying glass job.

Dianne, you are very adventurous with your new bee purchase, it is nice to watch a bit of nature at work in your own yard.   Did you see on telly, the show about the man who is breeding queen bees of the european variety (honey bees).  It also went into the mite that attaches to the asian bees, that are also managing to get into Queensland via the port up north.  

Bee good.

That was an interesting story Christa (I think ABC landline?)

Thanks, the cincta worker has the distinct yellow patch under the wing (not to be confused with the yellow/cream patch near the wing junction which a few other have as well as cincta). And that yellow facial hair stands out (long stripes on face, inner side of eye).

So sorry guys but the site I got the free pic from said they were Austroplebeia australis bees. I will try to find another pic. Oh, Christa I haven't bought a log yet not sure if Graham wants any more bees.


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