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Okay.  Here's the deal... I started a group for cheese making, and another for liquor making.  I have noticed that not many people choose to post in either.  So, I'm looking for some honest and open feedback here.  No posts will be ignored... roll up... ROLL UP!!!!!

Would you be interested in a bakers group?  What about a preservers group?

Do you even notice groups and group posts?  

Do you really just come here for gardening information? - no harm in that!  That's what the site was made for.  Are you just happy to read what others have to say and keep your head low?

I'd really love to hear from those of you who don't post - why not?  Those of you who do post - would baking and preserving work for you?

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LOL. Yeah mate - pregnant women are banned from living at my house!  (Been there and done that 20 years ago!)

I am managing the lazy man's breads pretty well these days.  Lazy man's bread is when you use a bread maker to kneed the dough for you.  I always cook it in the oven because I want to shape it and give it a final rise time.  It's a lot of fun and I am slowly working out the best recipes for the types of breads that I like.  I have a ripper for Turkish bread, a great bacon and onion damper from SR flour, and a good recipe for sweet easter buns. 

I tend not to do many cakes - my Rozie is the cake Queen (I can't possibly compete with her).

I'm with Lissa Andy - I'm a massive introvert and reading and learning suits me just fine usually!

I'm learning to come out of my safe shell though... yikes! Is that a world out there?

On the point of this discussion though, bakers group - yes! Preservers group - yes!! Kimchi workshop - omg yes!!

My other main problem is that I've got serious L-plates on so I don't always feel that I have a lot to contribute in the presence of such amazing-ness... ;)

I made a batch of Kahlua style liquor once about 11 years ago which then sat around in poorly sealed bottles which I shifted from sharehouse to sharehouse for a number of years before I finally gave in and threw the lot out... it was sickly sweet and a bit dodgy and I wouldn't ever want to suggest to anyone else that I have much skill in this area!

Keen to learn  a bunch of make-your-owns though and your suggestions (bread and preserves) are probably much more in line with my level of ability...

The easiest way to see what you are capable of doing is to watch me Farina.  I really am a hopeless handy person.  So, if I can do some things, you'll be able to for sure!  LOL. 

Perhaps rather a few busy people here too.  I love it all - but because I'm not currently cheese-making, or brewing beer, or very effectively managing my garden I'm sometime reluctant to comment.  Gotta walk the talk, ya know!

You do already Jodie - for a living. 

Seven days a week sometimes.  But loving it more and more.  Think I'll start a new thread. :-)

Bread makers group was started tonight!  Wish me luck - I'm going in!

Wishing you luck :)

Not something I do any more. I buy my gluten free bread from an excellent baker. I do have a bread making machine sitting somewhere in the back of my cupboards, unused for years. If anyone wants to have it I'll dig it out.

You might wanna dig it out and check the book for "Gluten Free."  Mine has some ripper recipes if you are interested!  You'll waste all of about 5 minutes chucking stuff in the tub and pushing the start button.  

I used to make my GF bread. I found the mixes were all white and I like fibre. I experimented for a long time, at great cost and waste, trying to come up with a loaf that came out edible, cuttable etc. Plus my auto bread maker left a hole in one end of the small loaf from the mixer.

About that time Mr Zehnder up at Maleny came out with his range. Fibre, flavour, and no waste.

Oh, I didn't know Zehnders were so local!  I will pull out the brochure and take a closer look!

Yep, he's local food I guess you could say...unless he's moved and I don't know about it.


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