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Okay.  Here's the deal... I started a group for cheese making, and another for liquor making.  I have noticed that not many people choose to post in either.  So, I'm looking for some honest and open feedback here.  No posts will be ignored... roll up... ROLL UP!!!!!

Would you be interested in a bakers group?  What about a preservers group?

Do you even notice groups and group posts?  

Do you really just come here for gardening information? - no harm in that!  That's what the site was made for.  Are you just happy to read what others have to say and keep your head low?

I'd really love to hear from those of you who don't post - why not?  Those of you who do post - would baking and preserving work for you?

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Andrew all the variations on the theme of 'local food' are interesting to me. Sometimes I have had some minor experience in the area, sometimes not. Regardless, what others have to say is fascinating and adds to the enjoyment of being on this site to say nothing about storing up trivia ;-)

There are a lot of "silent watchers" out there Andy. People not quite brave enough or whatever to post something, but interested in reading and learning. One recently mentioned to me how much she enjoys reading your posts in particular. I met another silent watcher yesterday at the GV.

Speaking for myself I love both cheese and liquer, but creating them myself is beyond me in many ways (plus my lactose intolerance is just a bit of a problem), but I still enjoy reading your postings. I don't bake much any more, the kids have left home and I am Coeliac. I'm willing to have my interest tweeked with preserving my surplus crops. Lack of space to store stuff in my little house is one issue along with the cost of setting up. But I'm preserving grilled eggplant in olive oil at the moment and it's working out well. I'm getting fat with all the olive oil I'm consuming though!

LOL.  I overheard my Rozie telling her cousin "Andy's really become a foodie - he's putting on weight though!"

Lissa, my inability to handle dairy is exactly why I make my own yoghurt, because goat's milk yoghurt is OK for me and to buy sheep or goat's milk yoghurt is really expensive.

Yep, home made is best. I have a yoghurt maker but my eating of it is spasmodic and a lot ends up wasted or goes to the dogs. I have some sheep milk yoghurt in the fridge at the moment (on special at the shops) and it's very nice.

Hi Andrew, I do reply to posts but have quite limited time to spend at the computer so don't always take the time to engage in conversations because I don't know when I'll be able to respond again.  I make my own sourdough bread so I dare say I'd find it interesting.

That works for me!

I'd be interested in bread. Preserves could probably be covered in recipes I guess but I'd be up for it. To be honest I read a lot of what you have to say, particularly in cheese, but as I haven't found the time to do any cheese making myself lately I don't really have much to add!

That's okay Craig.  I'm really just wanting to ensure that I keep my groups interesting.  I'd hate to be a boring old far*.. person. 

My involvement in posts depends on time allowances but I love reading everyone's posts and find them very informative. I would be interested in baking... I'm very interested in cheese and liquor too but in the eating and drinking, lol.

LOL. Thanks Liz.  I think there's no right or wrong answer.  I just want to find out what works for people and tips for keeping it interesting. 

Hi Andrew... I would say preserving hasn't crossed my mind but it's been something I would like to do, especially with fermented foods like kimchi (not the jammy stuff due to the issue I have with white sugar)..

I'm also fascinated with all the old wives tales eg very clean hands and no pregnant women around when making fermented glutinous rice wine, or no saying of " my cake will not rise" because most of the time it becomes a reality...

I love baking, haven't had much success with cakes n breads but am open to workshops to learn why some fail and some are master bakers!


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