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What flowers is everyone growing over winter for bees? They don't go anywhere near my Alyssum  - not sure what the buzz is about that ('scuse the pun!).  Thai basil flower has been great but it's now gone to seed so have some cranky bees as there's not enough veggies in flower in my garden to keep them happy right now. At Bunnings a few days ago I noticed lots of bees on their Cuphea seedlings so bought some of those, but they are slow growing so would like some annuals.   

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And you'll have Cuphea for evermore ;-)

I have borage that the bees seem to like.  They don't mind the zinnias either but they're nearly finished.

Salvia, salvia, salvia. All types especially the red one. Quick growing, self seeding or easy to propagate by cutting so you have repeat performances.

Nasturtium. They love these.

They're also all over my bush basil and various native flowers blooming at the moment (the melaleuca is on the go right now).

The purple one you gave me is still flowering.  It's been really pretty. 

That's great Andy. They brighten up the garden and provide food for the bees.

thanks for the tips guys!  I have fussy bees I think - they don't seem to like my nasurtiums or zinneas.   Do salvia and borage flower over winter?   I reckon purple / blue / violet colours might be the best bet for whatever bees I have here.  I'm loving what I read about borage, so will get some seeds and give it a whirl regardless.  

I have no natives Lissa - sad, I know.  Teeny garden on clay, I tried some but they died so am sticking to whatever I can grow in my above ground beds or in pots.  My dream, one day, is to create a native butterfly garden in my front yard - will need some serious $$ and time to make that viable though.   One day....  

Perhaps the local bees are spoiled for flower and heading for something closer to home.

I had a Borage, it was a pretty thing, but it didn't last long for me.

Bummer about the natives but there's lots of wattle blooming around the place at the moment.

Hi Tracey, If you want some borage seeds I have some spare - just PM me your address and I can post some to you.  It self-sows readily so make sure you plant it where you want it to stay.  Mine are flowering at the moment.  Not sure for how long over winter though.

What a lovely surprise to come home to Vanessa - some seeds to plant!  Thank you so much.  You'd popped a stamped envelope in too - not sure what for tho.  Can I send you some seeds in return?  Let me know, I have eggplant and coriander.  

Glad the seeds got to you Tracey!  Sorry meant to send you an e-mail about the envelope - could I please get some eggplant seeds from you?  The envelope only has a 50c stamp on it sorry - meant to add the 10c to it but forgot.  Has been a hectic week at work so I've barely turned my computer on.  I'll PM you my address.

Hi Tracy,  Thank you so much for the return eggplant seeds!  I'll give them a go come spring when we'll hopefully have the garden at our new place up and running.


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