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This is the article.

And in a nutshell:

Brilliant idea!

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Looks very clever.

Not being very clever myself, I'm wondering how it can keep collecting moisture from the same bit of soil. There's only so much moisture that patch of soil would contain - it's not perpetual - and would depend on weather conditions surely.

It's not the water in the soil which is collected as far as I can see. It's the condensation of air inside the tube which happens with the two different temperatures. It does seem a tad 'perpetual motion' (too good to be true) and I'd love to hear an explanation by someone with technical knowledge in the area.

It makes pretty good sense to me, but I'd be hard-pressed to explain it much better. See if this makes sense:

-The turbine above ground funnels air down into the chamber underground.

-Any moisture in that air, condenses on the walls of the much cooler chamber underground.

-That moisture pools in the bottom of the chamber and can be pumped back up to the surface for use.

There is always some level of moisture in the air, and the ground well below the surface is much cooler than at the surface (until you get closer to freezing temperatures), so it should work.

Ah, just read it again. My focus is on other stuff at the moment :/ Yes it's condensed from the air. Indeed clever. If only I had the $ to build all these wonderful contraptions on a property it would be heaven.

Having a look at this and I  believe  it would be really effective in weather of high humidity and perhaps lesser in low humidity.All in all its very clever and great idea and if I win the lotto would have to be one of my new toys for the garden lol

We may not have to win lotto as it cost $134 according to this website.  A lifesaving invention I think.                         

I'm thinking the real cost is in the installation.  Having said that, it's a great device. 

'Only' have to dig down six feet! In my yard, that would encounter clay after about 1-2 feet. Ideally some kind of huge screw bit powered by a fossil-fuel-eating machine. The promoters are wanting crowd-funding and the donors receive a device for 'free'.

First invent a solar powered drill of some sort and voila!!

Yes. :-\ Fruitful area for the creative tinkerer.



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