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What plant is this? It's in flower now around Wynnum and seems to have become popular but nobody knows what it is called; not even the person who gave me a seedling.

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If it's Plumeria it is easily grown from cuttings.

The frangipanis sure love the coastline but the flower numbers vary in my sandy experience.

I've seen this species in photos from Bali: it's a evergreen...often used as a street tree there.

Much as I love the leaf texture and flower of this evergreen (ie: in our climate) version I think the loss of leaves displays the tree's wonderful sculptural aesthetic and is a great seasonal design tool for shading...and not.

You can do a lot with a frangipani, except climb it. Superb tree to grow near a house.

No invasive root habits. Will marry well in a garden bed without stealing nutrition or space from the veg..

Easily managed. I mean EASILY. No threat to life and roof  in a storm. Easily discontinued (removed). Ideal to grow creepers and climbers over -- like beans and Dragon Fruit. Cut up makes good mulch. No need to buy a chain saw.

A joy with many uses.

I have over 20 frangipanis  planted out.

Go for it...

"Frangipanis grow about 30–60cm a year, depending on climate and care. They need full sunshine and a fertile, free-draining soil. Sandy or sandy-loam soils are ideal. Frangipani trees have compact, non-invasive root systems, so they can be grown safely near pipes and cables or in narrow beds. They respond well to pruning too. To keep trees compact and bushy, prune branches back by one-third in late summer." --(LINK:JERRY COLEBY-WILLIAMS )

My one problem is the slow growth as I'm impatient to shade my back veranda fully. Since most of my other trees are native the growth difference stands out.The leaves are mulch useful as you get to experience a sort of southern Autumn transposition  each year. Earlier if you have rust. But this year at maison d'ave not much of that.The flower is a major motif throughout the South Pacific (LINK)



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