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In a couple (maybe 3) months I will have $150 of site revenue to donate to a worthy local food community group/ garden/ group/ institution/ cause in Brisbane.

Past recipients have been:

- Jane St Community Garden

- Donna's Seed Savers group

Can people please provide me with some suggestions as to who could really use this funding next?

Prefer it benefits lots of people (directly or indirectly).

cheers Scarlett

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Northey St!

Or a recently-formed Community Garden - there's been some posts by foundation members I recall in the last 12 months. Northey Street for all its good works, is well set now and has income of its own. I don't have any connection to any Community Garden btw but know how difficult it is to get something voluntary and community-based started and kept going.

I don't have a suggestion but I am so impressed that you do this Scarlett!

well said

I can't just keep it. Wouldn't be right. I only put revenue generation on the site when ning started to charge - before that it was free.

It's still a nice thing to do.  It gives back to the community we all love. 

NB DO NOT CLICK ON ADS PURELY TO GENERATE REVENUE for the site - only click on ads when you are genuinely interested in them.

If you do bogus clicks:

1) you are generating false costs for an advertiser :(

2) Google adsense monitor this sort of thing and the ADS WILL BE REMOVED!! which means BLF will have to shut down :(

Actually, I wouldn't even have thought to do that.  I figured people just paid some minimal fee to advertise here.  

Just in case! We got taken down once briefly by GoogleAds, it wasn't pretty. If they think you're soliciting ad revenue they cut you off.

I ask people who advertise on the site to donate directly to the group of their choice :)

Given that it's not much money, and such a simple and good cause, some of us might want to think about a silver or gold coin donation for events/visits etc that we can attend.  I'd happily do my cheese/booze/garden/baking day for free, but if people coud throw in a few coins (of any denomination) into a tin to help the cause, we might achieve something great. I'm happy to report that in jsut a few weeks, I've gained heaps here. 

and you've shared heaps for other people too :)

New Farm Neighbourhood Centre has a vegetable garden, they have minimal funding. Better than $150 would be a trailor load of mulch, the garden dries out so easily. The garden serves as a bit of a fresh pantry for some who live in the area, or sleeping rough. 


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