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We are putting in some raised garden beds (only raised one sleeper high 200mm and I will dig down a little too) and I wish to start with some good quality soil without paying an exorbitant amount, organic with no weeds.

The major players Centenary Landscape, Tingalpa etc. all have it for about $60-80/m3 but I was hoping there is somewhere producing good quality stuff locally for a fair price. Not sure how much I need yet, but maybe 5m3.

I am in inner city Brisbane.

Thank you


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Christa - use Mark Braz for your soil.  Send him a message. He does great prices for BLFers. 

Woe is me! With BLF site being down recently I had not seen this post. If the suppliers of my dodgy soil give me a refund, I will try Mark Braz

Hi Clive,

You can even look at using WASHED ORGANIC COCO PEAT which is going to be very economical for your raised garden beds. We supply WASHED, 100% natural, organic coco peat blocks WITHOUT WEEDS / PATHOGENS. pH ranges between 5.5 to 6.8 with all the natural nutrients and trace elements present in coir.  We supply WASHED COCO PEAT BLOCKS which are FREE FROM SALTS.

For more details, please contact with us on 0449 225 425 or email


Ravi Upamanyu

0449 225 425

Why washed particularly? So far I've bought cocopeat in small compressed blocked making around 9 litres and in larger compressed bales making around 60 litres. While I would prefer to support a business person such as yourself rather than the local hardware store, convenience is everything (time is money). At no time have weeds or probably pathogens, turned up in the tons of cocopeat I have used in the last 25 years.

Good point ..... If you have observed, usually, these coconut are grown in saline region and coastal areas. Invariably, there will be presence of salt such as SODIUM in husk. Sodium is not a plant supporter and increases electrical conductivity & pH in the medium. By washing it multiple times, sodium salts are washed / removed from the coir hence reducing electrical conductivity which is most favorable for plant growth. WASHING PROCESS IS VERY IMPORTANT

OZPEAT coir blocks are washed and makes up to 75 LITRES.

Many of our customers who have used the product has not faced problem with the weeds / pathogens. There are different ways to look at it.

Firstly, we do grow if the growing medium is lacking required nutritional level and trace elements needed for plant growth. In Coir growing medium, chances of weeds are very rare due to the fact that coir comes with naturally present beneficial microbe TRICHODERMA and these acts as biocontrol agents against fungal diseases of plants with mechanisms such as antibiosis (biological association of organisms which are detrimental to either of the one them), parasitism, inducing host-plant resistance and competition. These bio-control agent generally grows in its natural habitat on the root surface, and affects root disease in particular, but can also be effective against foliar diseases found in many plants including rose (my personal experience with rose plants).

Secondly, before transferring plants which are grown in soil should be checked whether the plant is infected with any disease. If so, it's better to avoid transferring plant to coir medium as this will not be of a help and the whole medium will get infected.

Thirdly, to clear off the pathogens & weeds nutritional level has to be increased for the plants nutrition by reducing  for weeds and pathogens which they currently use it from plants which lives as parasites affecting entire plant and growing area.

We can provide you with more information.   

Thanks Ravi. I'll stick with what I know, it has always worked well enough.

The green bins where the council collects green waste and then composted  can be used to get rid of toxic waste  when composted  like sandblasting sand and landfill leachate  so buying soil and compost may not be safe .

 There is a web site for fill wanted or wanting to be removed  and with all the developments  there are alot of good soil opportunities .

If the soil where you want to build raised beds is ok it may be worth scrapping it off  and replace with a layer of cheap drainage matterial under and put the  good soil back  ontop.


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Vetiver grass helps to stabilise soil and protects it against erosion.  It can protect against pests and weeds. Vetiver is also used as animal feed. (Wiki.)

GrowVetiver is a plant nursery run by Dave & Keir Riley that harvests and grows Vetiver grass for local community applications and use. It is based in Beachmere, just north of Brisbane, Australia.

Place your business add here! ($5 per month or $25 for 9 months)

Talk to Andy on 0422 022 961.  You can  Pay on this link

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